Thursday, 25 November 2010


It's my day off today, so I'm having the perfect lazy day off work, sat on the sofa watching Bridget Jones Diary and scoffing chocolate raisons :o (£2.99 for a massive cup of them yum) and texting my friend because he makes me laugh :)
The new primark opened in town yesterday so me, my mum and my sister went down to have a look. I'm not a primark fan to be honest, never have been, but it looked pretty good and I know people can get some nice things in there so I thought it might be worth having a look. We went down quite late, but it was still heaving (apparently the que when they opened was over 300 people long :| ) I didn't really bother looking at the womens section because it was so rammed, but my little sister got some really nice stuff from the childrens department. This is what I got.

They had so much jewellery on display and its so cheap!
Which is good because jewellery is definatley my weakness

I love these clips they are so pretty :) I think I'll see these if
I accidently drop them on the floor, as the darker ones are harder to spot!

I don't need any more flower rings but they are so pretty
 and at £1.50 who can resist?

Hair elastics. Not the most exciting, but I prefer the
 neutral ones and the elastics gone in the one, and I lost the other one
in the pool at Alton Towers, so these are perfect and they were only a £1

I have butterfly earrings as well but I couldn't get a good photo of those so I gave up in the end. I don't think I'm a converted primark shopper, but they do make pretty accessories :)

Just wanted to say thank you to my new followers, and for the lovely comments you leave me, I love reading them :)

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Love those white flower hair slides and the rings...they are very pretty x

  2. Thanks huni, yeah I think I like the clips best :) X