Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Candles & cold

Its been so cold lately and as christmas is on its way it gets dark mega early. Its rubbish coming out of work when its cold and dark but only 5 in the evening, but its lovely coming home to a nice warm house, and snuggling up. I lit a few candles the other day and although I had to concede defeat and eventually switch the light on as I couldn't see what I was doing, they made my room feel all christmassey :)

Excuse the odd looking coasters, my mum said the candles might
 mark the furniture and annoyingly she is nearly always prooved to be right

I braved the cold and went out for a drink with my friend then later. It gave me a chance to wear my new skirt, which is from the childrens department in Next :) I know its meant to be for little girls, but it was so pretty and it was calling to me (plus it cost less than an adults would :) result )

Not the greatest of photos sorry! my camera needs charging and I havent got round to it yet
so this was taken on my phone. Also I hate having my photo taken, so I hate posing for the camera. How young do I look, bless me? You would never guess that I was 22. (although I didn't get asked for ID in spoons for once yay! If I forget it I know they would have asked)

The jewellery I wore

Excuse the cut on the back of my hand.
I don't know how I got it :'( just woke up and it was randomly there
I had my new jacket to keep me nice and warm although I still ended up taking my friends off him and wearing that as well :)

I might brave the cold and go to town later because primark is opening today and it looked pretty good when I walked past yesterday. I took my sister to school this morning and I'm only just thawing out an hour and half later :'(  

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Your room looks magical with the candles, I love lighting loads as well! I always get asked for ID when I don't have it on me as well :X Liking your rings! xx

  2. Thanks hun! :) I know its always the way with ID :| typical X x

  3. Your draw looks very shabby chic - love it!