Friday, 26 November 2010

Dearest santa,
(or rich kind stranger....)

I had a look on the Mikey website whilst I was waiting to go out which turned out to be a massive mistake. I want these soooo much, but sadly they are £45 each. If I wanted to spoil myself I might buy one....but I have done that quite a lot this month so I can't justify buying one *sobs*
Also I'm a little bit weary about Mikey jewellery. I brought a really gorgeous sparkly butterfly bracelet a few years ago and wore it for a week....and all the gems fell out, and part of it snapped. I was not happy.  I see how much it goes down in the sale and so don't really want to fork out  full price for something that will most likely break and be less than half the price next time I see it! They are pretty though. Sigh.

Oh I love these so much

Sale price. Yay. But I have so many bangles, and they are
quite cheap to buy, I'm thinking I will just tie some with ribbon and add one
 of my flower hair accessories, and voila!

Cup cakes jewellery how sweet?

Whilst I'm wishing for stuff....

All gifts from dazzleandglitz. The bottom one is like a little perfume capsule you can put some of your favourite scent in and travel with. This is perfect for nights out  as I can never fit my perfume in my bag (and I dont really like taking it because everyone always wants a spray and they spray so much that they use half the bottle grrrr)

I found this whilst searching on google. I do actually really want this

New look. Not entirely sure about the third jumper
but it does look warm and fluffy :)

love and kisses

x x x x



  1. Loving the shower caps! Very retro (: x

  2. Adorable rosebud earrings. And I think you should spoil yourself and get the sparkly heart clutch! Too cute not to!

    Olivia xx

  3. thanks for your comments girlies I love to read them :) My new favourite things- don't encourage me! :P lol

    X x