Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Impromtu shopping trip

When I finished work the other day, I wanted to go for a little wander through town to look for any little pretty vintage things like storage boxes that I could pick up for my room. I couldn't really find any :'( so I wandered in to the clothes shop which was good for my wardrobe but not so good for my bank balance. 

I love this dress its so me :) It was from Republic.
I used to shop there when I was 15 and it was all jeans and
te-shirts and surfer-esque type clothes but they do some really
pretty skirts and dresses etc now :)


I couldn't stop buying jewellery yesterday. I don't know what it is, I love most
clothes but I can never resist buying jewellery

I love these earrings. I already have some in sliver and lilac
and these will go perfectly with one of my favourite dresses
and they were only £4. I love it when that happens :)

Cup cakes :) so sweet I couldn't resist
I love butterflys, and huge statement rings so I couldn't resist this either 

These rings cost £2 each in the topshop sale :)
I love topshop jewellery especially
when it goes in the sale

£3 in from Topshop. I love dove necklaces

I saw this jacket about a month ago in Topshop and liked it but
wasn't really sure about it. It was still there when I wandered in and I
liked it more this time when I tried it on so I brought it

Not that you really want to see underwear, lol
but accessorize do make pretty ones
Slipper boots from Next. I needed some slippers because
my toes always seem cold! They had some really nice
ones actually but eventually I picked these

love and kisses

x x x x


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  2. Love all your bargain jewellery!

    Rosie x


  3. Hi

    Just stumbled across your blog and its great

    I love Republic dresses too.

    Those Topshop rings are adorable x

  4. Thanks for all your comments girls! :)
    Brunette - I love your new republic dress! (and also your primark one) They do really pretty things now, I have found a new place to shop yay :)

    x x