Sunday, 11 November 2012

The one with Harry Potter 

Last weekend I went to London to see the Harry Potter Studios. If you are a Harry Potter fan and haven't been to the studios, then tickets are something that definitely need to go on your Christmas list :) 
The Studio Tour is separated in to three parts and you can take your time walking around all the different sets and looking at all the different props and costumes, that were used in the film. I don't think I've been so excited since I was little child on Christmas Eve :) I think I took about 200 + photos on my iPhone so I thought I would post some of them to my blog in a Harry Potter post 

First glimpse of the Harry Potter studios :)

Inside the Harry Potter Studios foyer. Even as you are queuing to get in there is so much for you take in and look at, and you can feel the infectious Harry Potter magic working on you as soon as you step through the door :)

The Cupboard under the stairs. This is in the actual foyer bit as you queue to go through 


The doors to the Great Hall. This is the actual film set where they filmed the scenes in the Great Hall so you can imagine how excited I was to go in. When you go through , they show you a short film of how Harry Potter has exploded in to the phenomenon it is today, and then you are taken through to a little cinema esque room where you are shown a five minute film, where the actors of Harry Potter talk to you about what it was like to film on and grow up on the film sets. Then when the music fades and the cinema screens lift these are the doors that are waiting behind for you to walk through... 

Sat on the bench in the Great Hall with my little sister, wearing her Harry Potter glasses. You can't actually sit on our touch any of the props, but in the great Hall they do have a bench from one of the tables you can sit on

The Gryffindor dormitory set with Harry and Ron's luggage

Stood in front of the mirror of erised

Professor's Snape's Costume in the Dungeons where potions were held

The second half of the tour takes you outside were you can see the Dursleys house, The Knightbus, Godrics  Hollows house, and Hagrids motor bike and The Weasleys flying car. You can actually sit on the motor bike and in the flying car....... major cause for excitement :)

My little sister outside Godrics Hollows, the house where Harry Potter parents lived

My sister on Hagrids bike

Standing in Diagon Alley :)This is the third part of the tour where you see all the special effects and creative side that goes in to the making of the films.  There are all the drawings and models that have been used to create the buildings, sets, and character outfits. I don't think that the  Diagon Alley set is the actual set that was used in the films, but it is pretty spectacular :)

Standing outside Olivanders wand shop

This is literally amazing...... a huge model of Hogwarts Castle that they used to film the Castle shots in the beginning of the films. This is one of the last things you see before the tour ends. It's obviously not to scale but it is massive and the attention to detail is literally breath taking.

Of course you can't leave without buying a little something......

This was super expensive..... at *coughs* £25 pounds but I really wanted to get one so I brought myself a Gryffindor Quidditch scarf :)  If you are a Harry Potter fan I would really recommend you go and pay a won't be disappointed

love and kisses

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  1. Wow this looks amazing! I love Harry potter :)

  2. It looks amazing! I seriously want to go (maybe I should put going on my Christmas list!) :)

  3. I went for my birthday in June and it was amazing. Looks like you and your sister had a great time :) x

  4. I REEAAALLY want to go but I never have the time off. I think I'm going to plan to go for the summer, looks so good! x

  5. WOW this looks like an amazing day out, I keeping hearing such good things about this tour! I really like your little souvinir gift too xxx