Tuesday, 20 November 2012

You can throw them out or

 keep them in your mason jars 

So yes I stole my post heading from Radical Face 'Welcome Home lyrics' :)
Thumbs up if you associate it with the sponsor theme tune from Hollyoaks...... ;) 

Ever since I joined Pintrest,  I have become obsessed with recycling old glass jars, or Mason jars as I like to call them as it sounds more interesting and romantic . One of my favourite projects has been making 'Memory jars' out of them like the one pictured above. They are so simple to create, and they look so pretty and effective sat in your room. The best thing about them, is that when you look at them, you remember your day out / holiday / date / concert or what ever it is that you choose to make one on...a bit like Roahl Dahl BFG or Dumbledore's pensive...... ;)

The two that I have made are from my two recent weekends in London, The first to see the Harry Potter studios, (jar on the left) and the second when I went with friends. I printed the photos on to photo paper (which you can pick up from about £4 / 5 in Asda) as I think they look nicer then just ordinary paper, and if you cut them with a border they look like real photographs :) You can then add what ever mementos you have of your day......In my trip to London with my friends, I put our tube tickets, and Billy Elliot tickets in there, and in my Harry Potter one, I put my studio tour ticket and my favourite photos of the day.
To finish off I just added some lace to the rim :)

Super simple but super effective :)

Birthday Cake in a Jar  1 yellow cake mix, prepared according to package directions  1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles  1 jar vanilla frosting, tinted into two colors  Stir the rainbow sprinkles into the prepared cake mix. Bake according to package directions in a 9×13 baking dish. Once the cake is cooked and cooled, tear it into large, crumbly pieces.  Assemble the birthday cake in a jar by placing a small amount of cake into the bottom of four small canning jars. Top with one color of frosting, a bit more cake, and the second color of frosting.  Top each jar with a seal and lid. Store in the fridge for up to 2 days.  Serve with candles and a lot of birthday wishes.  Want to send your cake via snail mail? Feel free to pack it tightly and pop it in the mail, but you’ll want to make sure it arrives at your destination within 3 days for maximum freshness.  Makes four cakes in jars.

On a side note it was my blog's second birthday at the beginning of this month
Can't believe how fast time goes! I know I have lost a lot of motivation
for this blog in the past year.....but I'm hoping to get it back for the new year :)
Thank you to everyone who takes time to read, comment or follow my little blog 


love and kisses 

x x x x 


  1. These are such a lovely idea!

  2. I'm kind of obsessed with mason jars! I love the picture idea :)


  3. Such a lovely idea, I always store all my bits and pieces in shoeboxes and tins. I like the idea of keeping memories like this stored all in one jar xxx