Monday, 1 October 2012

Above the knuckle
above the knuckle rings
I have been completely obsessed with above the knuckle rings recently. I think they look amazing and stacked together they create that arm- candy (ring candy?) look that I am so obsessed with. Sadly finding them on the high street is really difficult. Dollybow bow does these ones which are pretty but I was looking for something a little more tibal-esque and plain. I did purchase these River Island rings, and at £2 each they are a total bargain, but they are actually nail rings, and are designed to sit over your nails, so I can only wear them on my little and ring fingers. (Just a head ups if you are thinking of getting these they hurt after a little while)
I was just blog hopping when I came across apair-andaspare.blogspot who has shared this fab tutorial on how to make your own Chevron rings. I am definitely going to be trying this tomorrow. They are exactly the kind of rings that I have been looking for :) As these are made from wire, I think they are going to be for more comfortable than the River Island rings as they look like these move with your finger and don't actually constrict the knuckle (really uncomfortable trust me)
diy chevron rings 16
They look super easy to do, all you need is some thin gold wire and pliers (or scissors at a pinch) and five minutes :)
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  1. Ooh I love these types of rings too, and anything that you can make yourself is always a bonus xxx

  2. Oh, I totally want to give this a go! x

  3. I love these rings!definitely going to have a go at making my own yayyy,thanks for sharing xx

  4. knuckle rings are my absolute favourite - i'm obsessed with them xo
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