Sunday, 29 January 2012

The lust list

Having a lovely chilled out Sunday watching the first series of 90210 and lusting over gorgeous iPhone four cases. I found these cases on the zazzle website and have totally fallen in love. Unfortunately at £20 upwards each I don't think I will be buying one any time soon.
Peacock ipad/iphone/ipod cases

If I did splash out, I would definitely
splash out on this one, its so so pretty :)

Funny Ladies iPhone4  Cases ipad/iphone/ipod cases

Alice in Wonderland on Mushroom iPhone4 cover ipad/iphone/ipod cases

Personalised Brown Leather Barely There™ iPhone 4  casemate cases
Personalised cases
DAMASK iPhone 4/4S Cases casemate cases
Dreams iphone case ipad/iphone/ipod cases
I love this one too :)
Dark Pink & Purple Rose iPhone 4 Case/Cover ipad/iphone/ipod cases
Vintage Victorian Era Purse-3 IPhone 4 Speck Cover ipad/iphone/ipod cases
Vintage patterned i phone case

Unless santa leaves one in my stocking next year will just have to keep dreaming!

hope every ones having lovely Sundays

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Oh I love these phone cases - gutted I just bought one!
    Just found your lovely blog - I am a new follower x

  2. Gorgeous cases! I love the peacock one so much! I buy all my phone cases off eBay, so much cheaper xxx

  3. @Alice- yeah its my favourite as well :) I got a cath kidston one from amazon for £3 will have to check out eBay though :)

    @Claire- They are gorgeous-but so expensive! :) Thank you for your lovely comment :)

    x x x x

  4. these are really cute cases! X