Wednesday, 18 January 2012



I came across my 'memory box' a month or so a go whilst I was cleaning my room. Does anyone else have one of these? Its a box where you keep lots of mementoes from things from the past like tickets to concert, old cards, letters, maybe old jewellery. Mine was feeling a bit neglected on top of the wardrobe in inch thick dust (yes I know gross. Clean now though :) ) so I brought it down (or my brother got it down in case of spiders :s) dusted it off and went through it.

Mine is basically an old Sketchers shoe box, not very romantic,
or pretty, but they did used to contain the trainers that I wanted for what felt like forever when
I was 15 and my dad finally managed to get me a pair in London.

I did tie it with pink ribbon to make it a bit prettier and to make it more secure

Some old christmas cards and congratulations cards on the top
(birthday cards have a ma-husive bag all to themselves in case you were wondering,
-never know what to do with them after my birthday :/)

This is probably the most recent thing I've put in there as its mostly full of things from when
I was in school. Its a felt butterfly my friend Amy made for me when we were in uni
she has a blog you can check out  here if you like

A victorian inspired christmas card my mum made for me when I was in
primary school

My school tie from last day of school in year 11 signed by my friends

This is a random snooker ball that a guy gave me once on a night out
I have no idea why its in here but here it is :)

A bit of a random looking photo, but this is some of the fake cobwebs/dust
from our halloween sixth form party
 (which was one of the best ones we ever had)

Various corks from champagne bottles from New Years eve when I was younger
or celebratory bottles when we passed GCSE / A-Levels etc

I'm not sure who gave me this, but I think it might have been my great nan.
You know that item you've had forever that you keep somewhere safe and when you come across
it brings back your childhood? This is mine. I used to feel so grown up when I was little :)
My first little bottle of perfume

Party in the Park tickets

I love this little keyring. My friend brought it back from
Crete for me when we were about 10

I was in school for my 16th birthday but friends brough loads
of helium ballons and banners and a cake in for me
and made it fun :)

Various train and cinema tickets and sixth form party tickets :)

I used to wear this 'Angel' necklace all the time when
we were in year eight (about 12/13 years old)
When we were in year 7 my friends decided we all needed nicknames (as you do)
and mine was 'angel' so this necklace was quite fitting!
The bracelet I brough when we went to Spain when I was eight

 Friendship bracelet

My first 'grown up' watch. My brother brought me for my twelth birthday

My little turtle necklace. I brought this in Claire accessories in year nine at school
and wore it everyday for ages. Its one of those 'mood' necklaces thats meant to change colour
depending on what mood you are in

A very messy homework diary. In our school you were given planners
so you could write your homework in and we used to doodle all over the back
It looks soo messy but its nice to read back over all the messages and things we wrote when
we were thirteen

Leavers pen. We were given pens inscribed
with Woodland junior school leaver 1999
when we left primary school to go to the Comp
Tickets from our school trip to France in year seven

Old tickets to and leaflets to clubs from school

I think most people have something equivalent to this in some form or another. They're
lovely to have and look back through :)

Love and kisses

x x x x


  1. This is such a fab idea for a post! I may have to do my own - linking back to you of course. :) It was so nice to see all the items in your memory box. I have one too - not as jampacked as yours though. :) xoxo

  2. Thank you! would love to see yours if you do post about it :) xx

  3. Oh gosh! I can relate to this so much. I have a box (or in fact several boxes) with stuff like this in! I just can’t bear to part with any of it. It’s so nice to be able to look back and remember specific events, places, people isn’t it?
    I love the fact a lot of the stuff is similar to mine too! I have my old school planners (covered in graffiti obviously) and loads of old gig tickets and what not. I also randomly have a conker this guy once gave me on a first date! hahahah
    It’s nice to be able to share such memories :)

  4. Aww so fun! Very cute stuff. I had a memory box too, no idea where it's got to, my parents moved house and it must be in my boxes somewhere, would love to find it now!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  5. Thanks for your comment, now following x

  6. I have a box similar to this, but its at my Grandmas and its full of everything from my baby teeth to my first school drawing etc :)


  7. so sweet! love memory boxes.

  8. This was such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! I have quite a few memory boxes lying around here and there, and they are just so special! xox

  9. You have such an adorable blog! We love the all the photos ! Great energy!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.