Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ring wish list

Colour me cliché.

I started a new job last Tuesday and I'm liking it so far but I am feeling absolutely shattered at the moment. Last week was a really l-o-n-g week with one 15 hour long day, so I'm really excited for my four day weekend :) I've spent most of the day being really lazy and just chilling on the sofa and eating lots of food.
One of the things I love to do when I'm chilling out is surf the web and make (really long) wish lists of things.
Jewellery is one of the main things I like to sit and lust after, especially rings :)
I love rings

Turquoise Filigree Wrap Ring

Vintage Silver Long Knuckle Ring

I love this ring

Silver Round Turquoise Ring

Antique Silver Knuckle Ring - Turquoise
And this one
I normally usually like really pretty rings like hearts or flower shaped ones but I've really been liking silver ones with blue stones in at the moment.
Rings from love hearts and crosses

Ornate Turquoise Stone Ring
Tibetan Silver Decorative Surround & Stone Ring
Antique Silver Key Double Ring
I love this silver key ring its gorgeous.
Pearl & Antique Silver Cocktail Ring
Deco Oval Sparkle Ring

Rings from Chelseadoll jewellery

Prancing Peacock Ring
Simple Cocktail Ring
Vintage Apple Ring
Butterfly Graphic Print Clutch
I love this clutch bag. I may have to buy it if I see it in the shop. I think
it would be great for nights out.
Butterfly & Roses Print Bag
Butterfly Graphic Print Shoulder Bag
I'm really loving the print and size of this bag. It would be perfect for work,
maybe I can justify buying it........?
Butterfly Print Large Envelope Clutch Bag
This bag is sooo pretty! I'm hoping it makes it off my wish list and on to
my purchased list but at £35 I can't see it happening any time soon
Rounded Hard Case Heart Brooch Clutch Bag
Love this bag so much :)
I think its one of my favourite things I've seen at the moment. You can barely fit anything in them
but its such pretty arm candy who cares :)

Rings and bags from accessorize

Knock out knit wear

I have a feeling the above image might display as a blank space but what I was trying to post (if it has) is the front page of the accessorise website. I love the hat and arm warmers? gloves? that the girl on the right is wearing they look so cute and warm

Pretty huge wish list but its nice to dream!

Love and kisses

x x x x


  1. :O I am so in love with the peacock ring - it's definitely going on my xmas list! <3 xoxo

  2. Congratulations on the new job, it sounds like you have been very busy. I can really emphasise with how tiring it is. I started a full-time job earlier this year and I still find it difficult to manage my time, I really do cherish my weekends.
    Such beautiful jewellery picks as always you have such a good eye for detail, the butterfly bags are just gorgeous xxx

  3. Kate- its on mine too :) X

    Alice- Thank you lovely! :)I know love anything with a butterfly print, think I should stay out of accessorize for a while! X

  4. Make your wish list into a christmas list :P

  5. I love the rings!x

  6. I love the turquoise rings and the peacock ring! Lovely picks :)

  7. love the colour of the first lot of rings Xx

  8. we love the big rings- we adore this kind of blue! amazing- have those rings ;)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  9. Love Hearts and Crosses rings are truly lovely at the moment!!


  10. I've done wayyyy too much online ring shopping this week. Just bought the most gorgeous gold hummingbird ring and even had a go at making a few myself!

    Nice blog! We're now following!

    from the girls at

  11. Oooh love this ring wish list...I am in love with rings at the moment - my collection is slowly growing. Really great to see another Welsh blogger - I also have a fashion/lifestyle wales blog. Now following :)

    Laura x

  12. Absolutely love the rings, I work in a jewellery shop and its so much fun trying everything on!