Friday, 23 September 2011

Fist full of charms

I've been thinking lately about what it would be like to be your own boss. I work in retail at the moment and while most of the time I like my job, there are some occassions where people just treat you like s**t and because they are more senior than you there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Im pretty quiet by nature and not one of those people who are very good at standing up for myself so I think someimes people tend to view me as someone who they can walk all over. I'm not saying that all managers in retail are like this, but its definatley been my experience so far.  I just thought last night, wouldn't it be great to be your own boss? No more not knowing where you stand with people, no more people constricting how many hours a week you can work and no more people treating you like they think your nothing.
It would be hard work I don't doubt but something that
I'm starting to think would be definatley worth it...

I made this cuff bracelet over the weekend, and I think its probably one of my favourite things I've made so far. I just love the colours and its goes with a lot of clothes I have in my wardrobe so I don't have to think about matching it to an outfit (although I have to admit I do love playing around with my jewellery in the mornings and trying it all on :)

This is a charm bracelet that I made last week. I like making these its a bit like being a child in a sweet store and choosing all your favourire charms and gems to go on a bracelet

I brought these little uni cycle charms last month. I thought they were so cute, and I couldn't resist getting them, although I wasn't sure what jewellery I would make with them, as most of the bracelets and necklaces I make I use silver jewellery. I think they are so sweet though. If I can get gold earring backs I might make earrings with them to.

lilac and pink rope bracelets
I will be putting the bracelets in my shop so feel free to check it out if you like ;)

love and kisses

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  1. you are so talented! bookmarked your shop!

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear of your bad experiences with managers, I do agree working for yourself is an ultimate, you have control of everything and don't have to answer to anyone. It definitely pays off.
    That bracelet is amazing truly talented girl.

    Liz Lizo

  3. Wow, these are amazing - you're so talented! <3 Gahh, I would LOVE to be my own boss - my dream come true! :P xoxox

  4. Oh girl, sorry to hear about your manager, it's true, seniors do think they know better. Chin up sweetie.

    You're super talented, will be having a nosey in your shop! xo

  5. your jeweller is so gorgeous! you could definitely have your own jewellery business cuz you're so talented! I know what you mean about managers in retail being nasty at times, just keep your chin up and remember you're the better person!xx

  6. wow, all of these are so beautiful and delicate! Each in such nice pastel colours! LOVE the unicycle charms on the bracelet :) x

  7. Thank you very much! :) I really like the jewels.

    Xxx, Inès.

  8. so gorgeous, I want that cuff. I work in retail and it can be such a horrible job sometimes. Ive had people act like Im their own personal slave as well as treating me like Im stupid ¬_¬ I cant stand it! xxx

  9. ooh those little rose rings are just darling!

  10. Wow, all of these are so pretty! They all look so amazing, especially the charm bracelet! xx

  11. So lovely :) you're really talented x

  12. thanks for your comment :)

    love all the rosy things :) they're so pretty *_*


  13. It's such a shame you've had managers treat you in that way.

    I am lucky that most of my managers are incredibly hard working, and so if they make me work overtime/have high standards I don't mind so much as I know they are putting in the work too.

    People who use it as a power trip should never be allowed to be managers.

  14. I totally understand what you mean by when you say people can be like that in retail. I recently got a job and theres one girl that thinks she has authority over me because I'm the new girl, its so dumb. But the bracelets you made are absolutely gorgeous and I'll be checking your shop out for sure! xoxo

  15. The cuff bracelet is cute! Also, I've worked in retail since I was 16, it's a tough place to be when you're young and don't know how to deal with rude customers. I don't understand why some people go out of their way to make someone feel so awful just to get a refund etc. It's horrible!

  16. Nice accessories!

  17. as someone else who works in retail i have to say a lot of managers treat you like shit, just because they have that little bit more power then you they abuse it!
    Absolutely adore the bracelet and ring! X