Friday, 20 May 2011

Smile like you mean it

Yep. Its another post about jewellery. Sorry. But I do love jewellery and I really don't feel that happy today so I thought I well lets do a blog post because
 a) I like blogging b) I like jewellery and c) I like pretty things
and I thought one of them, if maybe not all three would help put me in a better mood.

This is a cuff bracelet that I've literally just this second finished making. Its still nice and light outside and the sun has overpowered the clouds for a brief few minutes so I took some quick photos.

I love these colours they are so pretty and summery :)
(yay... I smiled)


love and kisses

x x x x


  1. So beautiful! I am always in awe of what you make! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. aw thank you my lovely :) x x

  3. It's beautiful and so original! X

  4. Thanks for your comment angel.

    Amazing bracelet just beautiful xxx

  5. That cuff is gorgeous! I lvoe how good it looks on, but it also would look beautiful decorating a dressing table when not being worn!

  6. Awww these are so gorgeous! Can't believe you made them yourself!

    London Last Night

  7. this is beautiful, i really want onE!:)

  8. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, no i didn't make it, check out her blog (she did!) -> xx

  9. This bracelet is just AWESOME!!!I also like ALL kkind of jewellery... but my favourites are and always will be the EARRINGS!!! But this one is just perfect... you should do the same neckless!!!

    By the way, I am your new follower, would like to see more from you!!!

    P.S: I also used to do stuff for myself, but now I really don´t have enought time ... :((

  10. Thank you for the comment!! Your jewellery is beautiful!!
    I am following your blog now - can't wait to see some more of your amazing Jewellery! xx

  11. so lovely and summery :) xoxo

  12. who doesn't like jewellery??? this cuff is gorgeous and totally unique, I've never seen anything like it before

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  13. I love this bracelet, the little roses are so cute! I really like big statement pieces of jewellery, this is gorgeous.