Sunday, 29 May 2011

All That Glitters

This has been such a lazy Sunday for me.  I have literally just chilled out the whole day and watched DVDS. I think this can be forgiven though as a) It is Sunday b) It is very grey and horrible outside
 c) I spent literally the whole of Saturday in high heels and now my feet hate me
Blogger has also  sided with me today as for the  last week it hasn't let me comment on anybody else's blog  as it kept coming up as 'post as annonyomous'  and then when in the end I gave up trying to get it to recognise me it wouldn't even post as that. Which is extremely frustrating.
But anyway.

This is some of the jewellery that I made last week

Butterfly girl bracelet

I love butterfly jewellery I have a huge obsession with it and I love
the colour purple, so I really like this bracelet. Its so pretty and girly

Enchantment bracelet
I really like this one. When I look at it reminds me of wedding type jewellery that
maybe a bridesmaid could wear or would be a nice thank you gift at a wedding. I think because
its quite delicate looking.

Secret garden bracelet
I was just going to write key and flower bracelet but then I realised that was
boring and also just stating the obvious. I was actually really good at English and
creative writing in school mostly because I just love reading so much,
 so I don't know why I find it hard to come up with names for jewellery pieces.

I love key jewellery it looks so pretty with the little flowers

April showers
This was the quickest to make but I think its actually one of my favourites.
 I just think its so simple and pretty (though I say it myself)
Definitely want to make more of these in different colours

Rose Red
If I had to pick a second favourite it would be this one.
 I love the red and silver together

I hope everyones having a lovely bank holiday whatever they're doing :)

love and kisses

x x x x

Edit :
I spoke to soon :( I now can't even comment on my own blog to reply to the lovely comments I was left last time. This is getting ridiculous!!!! :(


  1. awesome! i am also obsessed with butterflies... I have a lot of jewellery with butterflies of different colours!! You are so good at it... I hope you´ll have once your own company!!!

  2. these are so beautiful!! i love the butterfly one and the key <3

  3. Lots of us have had the commenting problem. What you need to do is go to the sign in page and uncheck the keep signed in box - it seems to solve the problem. x

  4. I love the red rose :)
    If you want, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too :D

    Alla moda e con stile

  5. awew the bracelet is lovely! thanbk you for commenting on my blog! I'm foloowing you now, wil you follow me please? :) x

  6. so pretty!

    x Camilla

  7. Adore the last one, love the red =)

    Miss Neira

  8. Thanks for the comment!
    I love the blue roses with silver- it's so elegant and simple.


  9. Wow your blog is so dreamy! it has such a sweet atmosphere :)
    I'm def following you, hope you'll follow back!

  10. OMG, they r effin beautiful!
    u r so talented,dear..


  11. These pieces are so pretty- you're so talented and creative! I love that second to last bracelet with the three roses best- I really like the way you arranged the flowers on a delicate bracelet. x

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting,such cute pieces...Love them!*


  13. thank-you for the comment my lovely, these are adorable! xxx

  14. Pretty post, as per :).

    Helen, X

  15. THank you for commenting on my blog post about summer :) I know what u mean by the weather as I was writing the post it was really sunny and warm and then 30 minutes later it started pouring with rain :0 this jewellary is so pretty and elegant :) x

  16. so very cute! I love the enchanted design

  17. These are so beautiful!
    I definitely think you can be lazy on a Sunday - it is what Sundays are for. I was having the same problem with blogger and downloaded google chrome and now it works.

  18. These are all so beautiful - great job! The April Showers bracelet is my favorite! Blogger has been acting up lately, it's awfully annoying!

    sorelle in style

  19. I love that bracelet. So delicate and beautiful.

  20. Thank you for all your lovely comments :) x x x x

  21. Lovely`*

    Following you from Portugal*

  22. Aww! So pretty! I love lazy Sundays :)

    P.S. Your blog is so cute- I'm definitely a follower now!