Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I believe you don't know what
you've got until you say goodbye

I've been kind of stuck on knowing what to blog about recently. I've had a few post ideas kind of thought out in my head but they haven't actually made it from my head  to my blog.  I've also just spent the last ten minutes being distracted and messing around trying out different blog fonts as when blogger crashed last Thursday it deleted my usual font :( hmmphh. I also noticed it deleted a few lovely comments from people on my last post. I just thought I would mention it as I didn't want people to think I had deleted their comment, I promise I hadn't it was just blogger doing its own thing :( Anyway I did read them all before they got wiped, thanks for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes :)

So enough rambling and on to an actual post :)
These are some rings that I've been making recently that I meant to post about.
If you've read my blog before you know that  I love rings a lot <3 The only trouble with loving jewellery this much means that setting up a jewellery business is going to be difficult if I want to keep everything I make! :/

Double finger bead ring

Turquoise ring.
I think this is one of my favourite rings even though
 its not the usual style of rings that I wear

Statement Butterfly ring

Ice cream rings :)
I love these little rings they are so cute! I have them in pink,
yellow, and blue, but I've only made the green one yet. I think
they are so cute for summer (which incidentally where has the summer gone now?)

Glass bead rose ring

Fabric flower ring

Glass bead ring

Sorry for the excess of photos at the bottom, I wanted to show them on and off my hand
so you get a better idea of what they look like :)

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. They are fabulous! Esp the butterfly one - wow! Scarlett x

  2. So cute. I like the turquoise one best of all.

  3. beautiful rings :) I love the butterfly one and the double finger one :) OOoo and the turquoise one ha ha I love them all!

    Love, Vanilla


  4. Love the jewellery, so cute.

    Sadie xx

  5. I have such a ring obsession! xz

  6. OMG: "The only trouble with loving jewellery this much means that setting up a jewellery business is going to be difficult if I want to keep everything I make!" Sooo true!

    Your designs are so lovely! I really like the ice-cream ring and the first one double-finger. X


  7. All your jewellery is gorgeous! I love the double fingered ring :)

  8. They look lovely, you're very talented missy! x

  9. i love these - have you made them!? i really love the double finger one and the ice cream! :)

  10. I can see why you have great stuff I would want to keep it too.

  11. cute rings!! my favourite is the butterfly! so summery!

  12. You have got alotalotalot of nice collection of rings! Wowie so talented ^__^
    I'm sorry to hear your pc got crashed tho!
    You can go to http://linotype.com for inspirations.


  13. Thank you all for all your lovely comments :)

    @daisy chain ha ha me too :D
    @ dinoprincesschar yeah I made them :)
    @ice pandora cool thanks will check it out now

    x x x x

  14. I love lovee the ice cream cone ring and the horizontal turquoise ring :) so cute and pretty.

    I'd love if you could visit my blog :)

  15. love the turquoise ring, so pretty xx

  16. love the turquoise ones! x