Friday, 10 June 2011

Its a love thing

When I was little I used to collect stationary. I had a massive bag that was stuffed full of pencil cases and boxes upon boxes stored under my bed that were crammed full of pens, pencils, felt tips, pritt sticks, and of course note books. Now a days under my bed is the space were I keep a few suitcases which are stuffed full of clothes and only my jewellery collection could fill boxes, but I still love stationary and pretty notebooks :)

I thought I would do a post on some of my sketchbooks that I have from uni and some that I used for lingerie and accessory design. I love anything to do with being creative and designing, so I like looking through other peoples sketchbooks and portfolios because they are so interesting. Some designers post some photos of theirs on their website, but if you go to student art shows, they usually put some of theirs out for people to look through and I could quite literally sit there all day and flick through them.

This is the sketchbook I used for my final major project in uni.
I based my project on accessories and made three pairs of underwear
and matching necklaces

The theme for my accessory project was based on 'flowers' so I ended up
drawing a lot of them

Few samples of flowers and different fabric types

My sister modelling for me :)

Little felt book one of the projects in uni

These are all images from a different sketchbook based on lingerie design

I like to collect different images from magazines that inspire
 me or that capture the mood/theme of what I'm designing

Some ideas that I had when I was in work so I scribbled them
on a post it note and then wrote it up in my sketchbook later
(my writing is a mess when I'm in a hurry so I can't always understand it so the sooner
I translate it to something I can read the better)

This is the notebook I currently use for my jewellery designs.I don't tend to draw the designs much
even though really I should, I just makes little sketches and scribble ideas and notes down.
At the back I keep pictures of some of the items I have already made

Just a quick shot of my desk. I either sit here, or spread out on the floor and listen to music/watch beauty videos on youtube. I can't work in silence I need background noise :)

Edit: I'm still having problems with blogger :( I can't follow anyone elses blog and I can't see my followers on my blog page, although its still showing up on dashboard atm. Its sooooooooo frustrating, I'm running out of room on my favourites tab where I keep having to book mark blogs as I can't follow them! Is anyone else having this problem??

love and kisses

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  1. Creative stuff can´t be UNINTERESTING!! I can also stay hours and hours doing nothing just looking on colorful or black and white but BEAUTIFUL things that a human being can make with his hands!! ART is everywhere... but when it is all concentrated in one place(like a sketchbook) it is even more interesting!

  2. thank-you for the comment my lovely, this looks wonderful! :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I need to put stuff like this in my sketchbook xxx

  4. Wow, you're so creative! I wish I had the skills to do things like this. I love your blog, it would be amazing if you followed me back! X

  5. These are so pretty! <3 I love cute stationary too! When I was little I used to save up my pocket money to buy cute erasers!


  6. your blog is so pretty, I love these books! So inspiring!
    Follow back?
    Thankyou for my comment


  7. You are SO creative :) thanks for the comment :)

    Love, vanilla

  8. Your sister's a sweet model! Fab drawings :)
    and in reply to your comment: get the Topshop earrings they're amazing.

  9. I enjoyed this post you are very creative.

  10. I love the fact that you designed lingerie. I adore pretty, pretty underwear! Lovely sketchbooks too, Panda xo

  11. Wow, all this is amazing! You are so creative, your collages are especially brilliant!! Xxx

  12. thank you so much for your comment!
    your blog is adorable :)
    and your work looks amazing!

    thanks again :)


  13. Only just found your blog but I love it!! Please follow me at:

    Elle x x

  14. Wow, so many lovely things in these sketchbooks :)
    They are lovely things to keep and look back on, I still have all mine from college.
    You seem a very creative lady :)

  15. You have a gorgeous blog! I love everything!! :] Thanks for giving us a peak into your book! :]

  16. very sweet blog
    I love flowers so much
    maybe I am your newest follower :)
    you can follow back if you like to

    sweet and sugars,

  17. i love looking a sketchbooks, and yours is so lovely! x

  18. this is so adorable, you're really talented- love how you use fabric, sketches and collage in your little book!



  19. These are so pretty! Scarlett x

  20. I used to collect stationary as well! These days I don't have an excuse to buy it! :(

  21. Cool idea for a post! I have several friends who are artists and I love flipping through their sketchbooks. I like to work with YouTube videos running the background too...I usually listen to beauty and haul videos. I think it's because I grew up in a big family and am used to hearing voices around me when I'm concentrating on something!

  22. love this book!
    Shall we follow each other (via google friends)? Would mean a lot to me :) . Let me know

  23. These are amazing pictures, I love that you create these yourself! x

  24. Thanks for the comment :) You're really talented at sketching x

  25. what a great post, you are very taleneted :) xxx

  26. Oh I do love a peek through someone else's notebook! Yours are gorgeous!

  27. Thank you for your lovely comment - the best one i have had in a while! i was tidying up my blog last night so went through old posts and wondered if anyone would ever read them ever again. I love your blog as it reminds me of my work at college. I'll have to post about my uni work - have done soooo many sketchbooks in the past. I've some illustrations on there from my portfolio, hope you like them. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Lots of love x

  28. I love your notebooks! It is so col to see how you come up with your designs. You are such a talented jewelry maker! :)

  29. A friend did contour fashion at uni and I used to love looking through her workbooks! So it was fab looking through yours!

    L x

  30. Love it! It's so creative, i'm really into fashion to and to design clothes, but I made collages before :D But this scrapbook is also very cool! I'm gonna try it ;D I follow you now, maybe you want to follow back =)