Saturday, 12 March 2011

A question for you


I was tagged by the lovely Ellen at to do this. I love reading posts like this probably because I am quite nosy as times :)

What is your dream job?
God I wish I knew this one it would make my life so much easier! Probably working in accessories or jewellery, I would love to work in accessorize and carrying on making my own jewellery on the side or work in or own my own boutique shop selling jewellery and pretty lingerie and accessories and things


How do you take your tea or coffee?
This is quite embarrassing to admit but I actually like six sugars in my tea when I drink it (which I guess fortunatley for my teeth is not a lot) I have a very sweet tooth. I can't stand coffee.

 It Takes a Certain Courage

What is your most important beauty secret?
Ummmm I guess it would be look after your skin, I always use loads of moisturiser and I would like to drink more water than I do.

If you had an all expenses paid holiday to go anywhere in the world where would you go?
New York definatley :) I love it there I would love to go back.

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If a genie popped up right now what would your three wishes be?
Gosh this hard. Um I think it would have to be

<3 To have a job that I really, really loved doing, and to be able to sell my own accessories and jewellery and things :)

<3To find somebody really nice for once :p Only my male friends are nice guys, all the guys I go out with end up being total tossers.

<3To win the lottery so that my mum and dad could pay off the morgatge and do what they like, as they do so much for me, and so my brother can do his masters degree without having to worry about living fees or anything. And also to buy a car if theres any left over :D

Things to Think About... 

If you could have one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?
This is hard because I really love food. I guess all that salady cold pasta healthy stuff, because its the only food I can genuinley eat without getting tired of. Plus I wouldn't have to worry aboout gaining weight :)

What one talent do you wish you had?
I really wish I could pole dance, is that wierd? They look so amazing and confident and it looks fun :) Sadly I'm not very athletic or that strong :(

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
Thats quite had to pick just one :P Ummmm I think Mitch Hewer who used to be in skins, and Ethan whos in Hollyoaks right now :)

If you could look in to the future would you?

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What made you start you blog?
It was after something quite bad  happened that was really hard to deal with and I just wanted a distraction, and I loved reading other girly blogs and it was the only time I could focus on something else. I genuinley love blogging though so I'm so glad I started it and so far it has helped me loads :)

the girl was bad

I tag whoever reads this to do it  ;)

love and kisses

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  1. Really?! SIX sugars - good grief, you must be buzzing all day, ha, ha!! Love reading personal stuff about my blogger friends - thanks for sharing :) xxx

  2. I'm still working on finding a job I really really love too. I love the idea of you selling your own homemade jewellery xx

  3. this post is such a good read, haha i keep reading about pole dancing fitness classes!! it does look like such good fun tho! lovely blogxx

  4. Thanks for your comment. I too hate coffee, even the smell yuk. New York is my favourite place to visit too, I've been 3 times but can't get enough of it. Glad blogging has helped you through tough times.

  5. This is such a nice post, I lvoe learning a little more about bloggers!

    I would absolutely love to go to New York too, it's a dream holiday!

  6. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog lady. Loved reading this post. I'm not sure what is was that got you into blogging, but i blogging a very therapeutic outlet. My father passed away almost two years ago and it was his camera that I now have that inspired me to start blogging -out of bad does come good.

    Keep in touch! xx

  7. Hey, thanks for popping by my blog :-) Your jewellery is gorge!!! xx

  8. I love reading posts like these :) SO cute

    Love, Vanilla

  9. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    and for stopping by again, it's really nice of you! i love your blog keep up the amazing jewellery do you sell it anyway?
    p.s i've got a new post up xxx