Thursday, 17 March 2011

Flowers in the Spring

EEeeeee I'm feeling quite excited at the moment :)  I finished my new necklace that I was making yesterday. I think its my favourite one that I have made so far I really like the colours its really pretty and girly and its the kind of thing that I would wear quite a lot or would buy if I saw it in a store. I wore it out today when I went in to town and when I went in to Lipsy, the girls in there asked me where I got it from, and when I said that I made it, they asked me if I sold them, and I said it was something that I would like to do, they said to come back when I did and to let  them know about it :) :) :)

Its always  really nice to hear other people say nice things about things that you've made :) My mum and my sister always like the things I make and say lovely things, but I guess its different when other people comment on it, as they don't know you and don't have to say anything nice :P haha. 

It was so warm today it really felt like the start of summer :)

Now that the weather is finally getting a bit warmer I can leave my coats at home and start wearing lighter dresses or cardigans out. Some of my coats are in a suitcase under my bed during the summer, but a few are in my wardrobe and when you don't wear them for a while they get a slightly dusty smell to them from having not been worn. This always drives me crazy as it means having to wash them, to get the fresh smell back when you take them back out of the wardrobe, and it makes the wardrobe smell a bit dusty sometimes too which I hate.  Yesterday I found a good solution to this though :)

Instead of just taking all the clothes out and hoovering inside, I ran a lemon scented bacterial wipe over the inside of the wardrobe and it smelt lush :) I love the smell of lemons anyway it makes everything smell so fresh. I added a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the wipe because its quite strong, and now everytime I've opened my wardrobe I get a nice waft of Lavender. If anyone has the same problem as me with storing coats and the dusty smell they get during the summer I would definatley advise you to this :) The wipes aren't expensive to get hold of and they really do make your wardrobe smell lovely :) 

Sorry for the blurry photo this was literally the best one I could get!

To help the smell to stay I added several drops of lavender to a fabric flower I wasn't using and tied it to the back of my wardrobe

I hope its lovely and sunny tomorrow too :) Me and my friend might go to Bristol
shopping, possibly good for my wardrobe but not so good for my bank balance

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. I think all of your makes are so lovely, you can tell a lot of detailing and work has gone into them. You should really consider start making and selling them as a little side project xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous blog! And gorgeous jewellery too! :D
    Are you selling online anywhere? You should set yourself up with an online shop if you aren't ;)
    I used to live in Cardiff, I moved away from home last year, I tend to visit regularly though :)

    Fiona x

  3. Wow, it's completely beautiful!

    Rosie x

  4. Wow!
    These are seriously lovely.


  5. thank-you for the lovely comment back,
    oh you should definitely set up an etsy account xxx

  6. Your necklace is gorgeous! I'm not surprised you had people commenting on it. I love how Wales seems to be finally warming up (and the rest of the UK, I'm guessing!), it's been so nice here the past couple of days too.

  7. So gorgeous and you are so talented to make it. I don't make things very often but last weekend I did. My family showed me how to make flower belts which remind me of this and it was so much fun. I want to get into it more from now on.

  8. Thats such a great idea :) I have the same problem with my coats, beautiful necklace too :)

    Love, Vanilla

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)x x x x

  10. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment :) Wow your jewellery is stunning - it's all so dainty and sweet. The owl earrings are my favourite - they're so cute x