Friday, 11 March 2011

Floral Fever

After mentioning that it was sunny in my last post I think I have jinxed it, as the sun has not put in appearance since Tuesday :( I want it to be warm enough to wear the skirts and dresses that are hanging forlornly in my wardrobe. Where is our spring???
On the plus side I will just have to content myself with wearing the pretty floral-ly scarf that my mum found in Cane & able  ( a shop that sells kind of pretty vintage-y type items for anyone outside the UK) yesterday. I think she was going to keep it to wear for a wedding in April but then she changed her mind so I got to keep it instead :)


When I'm not wearing it I'm going to find something for it to
 drape over in my room because its to pretty to tuck away

It was my sisters birthday yesterday, and this was one of her presents. I love the little owl art work hes so cute! I think these might look nice mounted on the  wall. Mine are plain cream to go with the vintage-y style I like, but I think some of these would look quite nice on the walls.


Quick purchase from Primark when I was shopping for my sisters birthday present. £2.50
I think I have more jewellery than I know what to do with :/

I wore this skirt out yesterday to my sisters birthday meal. From Topshop. I saw it on the model in there and it looked really nice, I don't think I would have picked it up otherwise. I had to get a size smaller than I usually am in Topshop as I found it quite big on. I love this skirt though :) It fits really well. The belt is from Primark though think it was £1.50

Buying skirts like this makes me miss the summer even more! I think we've had enough of all the cold dreary days. I can't wait until its warm enough to have all the windows open and to sit outside in the garden with a cold drink a book and sunbathe :) Or better yet head to the beach :)

Some of my favourite skirts,that make me wish summer would hurry the hell up! :D

This is one of my favourite skirts. Its from Topshop probably about a year ago. I love the colours and the fabric, its so pretty you can dress it up or down and it still looks nice

This skirt I don't think I have actually worn yet. Its from River Island about a year ago, I brought it with a voucher someone gave me for my birthday. Its pretty similar to the skirt above but I really like this as well.

Top shop skirt. This was a last minute impulse purchase that I brought just as I was leaving the store. It fits really well though, and looks nice on so it was a good impulse buy :)

I love this skirt. Its from Miss selfridge. I never usually find anything I like in there

These are actually a pair of shorts from Topshop last year.
I love them though they're so pretty and summery

This skirt is actually to big for me. They didn't have my size but I liked it much to leave it there so I brought the next size up and pin it in at the waist with a pink butterfly brooch

Lastly heres a picture of my sister going to school today.
They had an eighties day and she dressed up like Madonna
She looks way cooler than I ever did when I was 11!

Also I just want to say thank you for everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog, it means a lot to me and I love reading all your comments!

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Love the floral demin skirt. SO cute!

    Sami xx

  2. I love the scarf, and the floral denim skirt is gorgeous.
    I had sunshine this morning but it disappeared again pretty quickly,

    Rosie x

  3. i love that headband :) so cute - i have tagged you over at my blog xxx

  4. You've got such a lovely collection of skirts! Love your recent flowery topshop one, it looks lovely styled with the Primark belt :) And I see you have the flower head band too, it's so cute xx

  5. I usually just ignore the weather when I'm dressing. This usually results in flu like symptoms though, so maybe you should stick to the floral scarf. I'm considering doing a DIY job to make a floral headband. Where did you get the one in the first picture? xx

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments girls :)

    @grainne-its from Primark its actually my sisters, I just borrow when shes not using it :) let me know if you make one I would love to see it! :)

    @ellen - thanks hun, I will check it out now :)

    x x x x

  7. Your blog is soo cute and girlie. Love it!