Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Forgotten Treasures

I love vintage girly things, especially the little things that you can get that make your room have a more vintage/shabby chic feel to it without having to splash loads of money :) I just thought I would share some of the new things that I have picked up lately for next to nothing (and in some cases for free :) ) as they look really pretty in my room.

These Cath Kidston style prints vases/tins I found in the garage when my mum was sorting it out. I love Cath Kidston and floral prints so I couldn't resist these :)

The jewellery my mum brought last week for like £2 in Primark. She went to an oscar themed part with my dad and gave it to me when she finished. I don't think I will actually wear them but they look really pretty draped over the tin. Draping jewellery (especially fake pearls) over things is a really quick and cheap way to add some vintage glamour to your room :)

 This basket  looks really random hanging off the end of the curtain, but my mum was going to throw it out and I thought I could use it some how. I'm going to put some fake flowers threaded through the basket I think it will look pretty :)

This bowl used to live in the kitchen and then somehow ended up in the garage. Im using it to keep my excess bangles in as I used to keep them stacked on my jewellery box but I would more often than not send them flying everytime I went to get something and it got quite annoying. So now they live in this pretty floral bowl :)

I love this ring its so sweet. From Primark I think it was £1.50
I love bows and I love dotty things so I couldn't leave it there

I have been lusting after accessorizes collection of rings on their website for a while, and when I went in to the store the other day they had a buy three for the price of two of all the jewellery and purses :) Sadly they didn't have the ring that I really wanted but I had my eye on these two so I decided to treat myself (plus you get a free piece of jewellery I couldn't resist ;) )

Purple oval statement ring £10

Silver flower ring accessorize £10

Gold heart necklace accessorize
Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)
(£10 if you don't do the offer)

Owl earrings £5 Topshop sale

Flower necklace £1.50 Primark. I saw this when I walked through the door and I thought hmmm I quite like this. Pretty for summer

I actually brought this a few months ago from River Island. It says vintage on it and it has a sweet little pink heart dangling down from it. £5.99

This was a naughty purchase *slapped wrist* as I really don't need any more bags. They are falling off my door ( I hang them over the handles) but this was so pretty I didn't want to leave it there. I am literally at the stage now where I think I may honestly have enough bags but this was so cute plus it was only £6
Bag £6 Primark

Just some random bits that I found in a pile my mum was sorting out. An old label of a present that I thought was to cute to throw out (I have a thing for hearts)
And a soap dish that I think is really pretty and vintae-y. I had some random flowers that I had made I wasn't using so I put them in the soap dish

My mum has a box of childhood  things in the garage so I was rummaging through it having a trip down memory lane when I found this little china tea set my Grancher brought for me when I was little. Its perfect for my room now and its nice to get it back out to remind me of him :)

I used the little basket to store two rings in that are to big to fit in the ring drawers

I put the two little vases on my dressing table :)

Found that my mum had also kept my first jewellery box from when I was little! I was so pleased to see this :) Its so sweet and pretty, I dusted it off and brought it back in. It still has the little ballerinas in it as well :')

Thanks for everyone who left lovely comments on my last post I really apprteciate it :)

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  1. love the tubs you found in the garage!

    Leanne xx

  2. Such a lovely collection of things - love the CK tins and all the flowery things :)

    Rosie x

  3. sooo adorable! I LOVE Cath Kidson, I have a sewing box, pin box etc from here range and its just too cute for words!


  4. I adore all of your treasures; they make for such beautiful decoration. The floral tins are so lovely and I like quirky things like the basket, I am sure the flowers threaded through will look fab.

    Oh gosh I love finding things from my childhood too, my Mum is a terrible hoarder and I am forever finding things in my parent’s garage that I had long forgotten about. The jewellery box is such a find! I absolutely adore it and it holds so much sentimental value, don’t ever part with this.
    I remember having a jewellery box with a dancing ballerina in, so classic and reminiscent of childhood.

    Love that ‘vintage’ necklace too xx

    p.s A girl can never have too many bags.

  5. Wow i love posts like this! I had my room decorated recently and i'm currently filling it with vintage style ornaments and such like. My nana's just given loads of ornaments she doesn't want anymore and i'm loving it!
    Your room is filled with gorgeous things. =). I'm a new follower by the way. =) xXx

  6. I’ve tagged you in a challenge :)xx

  7. hello my lovely, thank-you for the comment..
    i always love coming on your blog because you always post such nice things. I love those little floral pots you've got i have a couple somewhere.. thing is with stuff like that i fill them up with complete junk all the time :(
    these rings are lovely too xxx