Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kaleidoscope Eyes - ♥

This post doesn't actually have anything to do with tea except for the fact that I just found this picture below and I want it :) I think this is the most amazing ring I've seen and I want to add it to my collection
put a ring on it
So this post is a little late but I finally got around to uploading my pictures, so I thought I would share what santa brought me this year :)

Bags from New Look :) I love these floral-y prints bags
and they are not expensive either.

I was excited to get these :) I knew that I was getting the one on
the left but I've been in love with the one on the right for aggeeesss without
having ever brought it. Thanks mum :)

Sorry about the lighting differences I was in a hurry
 when I took these because I wanted to get stuff sorted
(crap excuse I know-new years resolution take better photos)

Accessorise scarf and gloves, lovely and warm <3
Fingerless gloves from New Look and green leg warmers,these
are so cute :)

Jewellery we ordered feom Chelseadoll jewellery (I did a post a while ago)
Hmmm a little bit disappointed with these to be honest. They really dont look like the photos
on the website :| I do like them, but they are definatley not as nice as the website photos!
I hate it when shops do that

Ring my sister brought me :)
It snapped New Years Eve though gutting :(
Have to see if I can get it fixed

Pretty floral ring from accessorize

Ring from chelseadoll. I do love this ring and it looks like it
did on the website :)

Only fools and horses box set from my brother I love this programme :)
Rhiannas new album, I love rhianna amazing :)

This is from my auntys shop she sent me. I loved these when she
first sent us pictures of her shop before it had opened :)

Materials :) I love making things

Cute vintagey candle holder from Matalan. I saw this back in November
I think it was and my mum put it away for me

Cosmetic-y stocking fillers :)

Boots from River Island
(sorry for crappy photo it was the best one I could get)

My little sister on christmas eve

On christmas day with her really cute little red spotty tea set

On another note my cousin has started blogging again, I love reading her blog she makes me laugh (her mum is the one who owns the shop)

This is my cousins patchwork quilt she made,
 I really want to make one now

The christmas window display in the shop.
I just wanted to add this picture because 
I love this it looks amazing!


I would just like to say hello to my new followers :) *waves*
and also a massive thank you to all of you who follow me
and who take the time to comment on my ramblings as I do
 so love reading your comments <3

Also If I may, I would like to point you in the direction of atwentysomething blogspot if
you haven't already seen it and have five minutes to spare as she
 is a lovely girl who writes lovely heartfelt posts with good advice

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. i love the bags! they are so cute and boho chic!!

  2. Thank you :)The one in the middle was £3 in the sale as well total bargin XD

  3. awwwww everything in this post is so lovely!!!
    I want that pretty candle holder :( haha
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!