Sunday, 9 January 2011

The colour purple

Generally I hate sales....I find them to messy and time consuming and it definatly brings out the worst in people. I shop quite a lot anyway so I just find that all the stuff I would have brought from that shop I already did and now its half price :( (or Friday to be more precise) was my exception. I got this Lipsy dress from Next for £8. :D It was orignially £60, down to £14 and when it went through the till it came up as £8. Happy girl, I love Lipsy stuff :)            

Sorry that the photos seem to focus on my chest....these where the best shots for getting the whole dress in without including my face as I wasnt wearing any makeup :|

The belt didn't come with the dress it was from miss selfridges, but I addeded it for definition as it was a little bit big around the waist (but it was GOING to fit for £8 :) )
I'm going to wear it with my new pink shoes I brought (also from Next) I do really like some of their shoes in their collection atm, they have definatley got better.

Get The Look
I used the website picture, but they do look more pink and not as shiny as this. You can have a better look
here if your interested. They are £25 which is really good because they would be at least twice this in Office or River Island :)

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. I totally agree about sales...i dont understand why shops change the layout and make them messy...and the crowds...oh the crowds! But also found a bargain in oxford st so must be a gd week for sale haters
    :) xxx

  2. and now i want a purple dress x

  3. I love purple but I've only realised that I don't have that many purple items :(

  4. thanks for your lovely comments! I think it was a good week for sale haters... lol. I think you only get the best stuff if you're prepared to get up reeeeally early and elbow lots of ppl and I love my bed too much for that!

    I wasn't sure I liked it first but it looks better on and for £8 I just couldn't leave it there :)

    I love the colour purple as well,but I think I also only have two purple items in my wardrobe
    including this dress! oh well lol

    X x x