Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So  Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :D I hope you all has a good one. I appreciate how late it is to be saying either one, but I haven't blogged since either occassion so I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I'm feeling sorry for myself atm and writing this to you from my sick bed :'( I have somehow (skillfully?) managed to avoid whatever it is that affected most of my friends, workmates, family and fellow bloggers over the festive period only to be hit by it after evrything is over :( Even chocolate makes me feel sick :'(

Anyway yesterday we drove up to see my mums sister and her family in Montgomery. I was quite excited and wanted to go as its the first time that I got to see her shop since she opened last year :D  I swallowed lots of parcetomal and wrapped myself in a few layers and managed not to feel to awful on the long drive up (nothing worse than car journeys when you feel poop)

*just so you know there are looottssss of pictures below :) *

I love this its a storage box that looks like a book

I was quite excited to see these. I love shabby chic
storage boxes. I usually get them from Tx-maxx but they have been
sadly lacking of late

Pretty buttons

Bath bombs. These look and smell so amazing. I didnt buy any though
as sadly I am not a bath person I love my showers

There gorgeous new puppy lizzie! Shes so unbelievably
cute even if she did try and eat my new boots :)

I'm not sure why I love these so much but I just want to put them in the bathroom :)

Sorry about the less than brilliant photos but it was reeeeally cold up there and I wasn't in the mood to stand too still and get better ones :|  Anyway I love her shop its amazing. It was really hard not to buy everything in there too lol. There were a lot more shabby chic items in there than I was expecting. If it was me they would end up in my room and not in the shop, so I guess its just as well its not me who owns it :)

Heres what I (eventually) brought

I have a thing about anything to do with love on it
Not really sure why

I love this little wooden birdy :)

Little pretty storage boxes.
Not sure whats going in them yet

love and kisses
x x x x


  1. Wow, all those things are so gorgeous! I want them all, especailly the storage boxes! I love your blog, just found it and am now following :)
    Would love if you'd take a peek at mine and follow back!

  2. wow! what a cute shop! There aren't many shops like this where I live which is a shame as I love shabby chic, who doesn't??

  3. thank you for your lovely comments girls :)

    Rosie - aw thanks for your lovely comment girly I will definatley check yours out :)

    Rebecca- I do love shabby chic very much I would be a very happy girly if I had piles of money to buy and decorate my own house like that :)

    The brunette-thank you lovely! :)

    X x

  4. Lovely pictures and all the items are beautiful. I love the shabby chic style and I am trying to do this theme for my bedroom.