Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I need a distraction today (for reasons I don't really feel like going in to and won't bore you with) so this is a very random mish mash post purely for the purpose of giving me something to occupy my mind with XD Its very cold today so Im going to be very lazy and sit and read lots of girly blogs and eat the yummy cup cakes me and my sister made last night for my mums birthday (although they look quite messy because we put too much icing on them....we shouldn't really be allowed in the kitchen together)

To get it off my chest....
This I know is going to make me sound really bad....but do you ever have those times when you wish people would just leave you alone and stop incessantly talking for a while? I am a caring person and I love being there for my family and friends but sometimes, like today I just feel like I need
Not that I don't want to talk to people....but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by people downloading a constant torrent of their thoughts or problems on to me I feel like I'm going to go crazy. Especially when your trying to deal with stuff of your own. I don't want to sound selfish but sometimes I could really do with out it! I feel like I always end up listening to other people vent their problems/frustrations  for ages but I don't get it in return. Don't get me wrong they are there for you, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that most of the time I feel like I'm allowed to talk about whats bothering me for about ten minutes before people turn the conversation on to themselves. I guess just because I give other people my undivided attention when they want to talk about something, it's a little frustrating not to get it back.
                                                                 *rant over :)*

lovely blogs that I found to read
(recommendation from fromgemwithlove blog)
I always love reading fromgemwithlove because she writes such lovely posts and takes fab photos. I also love readong pearlsandpoodles because she does good reviews and has a lovely style of writing and blog layout. The other three are new reads I found today worth a read if you have a spare five minutes :)

I love the llymlrs blog simply for all her gorgeous outfits that she posts :) I loved the green tunic that she had in one OOTD post so had a look at forever21 to see what clothes they had. Theses are some of my favourite outfits:

I love christmas its my favourite time of year. I know its lazy (but your allowed to be at christmas)
but I love sitting on the sofa when its cold and putting the tree lights on and scoffing chocolates whilst
watching christmas films. This is our 'Matildas chocolate box' which we use at christmas
(remember that scene in Matilda with her fathers chocolate box and the Truncbull? )

yum :)

These are some of my all time favourite christmas films :)

These are pictures of our christmas tree
It smells so gorgeous :) Its one of my favourite
parts of christmas decorating the tree and seeing other houses
(by the way this might sound silly, but please don't think I was showing off
 or anything  posting these I just love christmas :))


The upside down christmas tree

so thats my rambling little post for today

Love and kisses

x x x x


  1. I have silent times too and sometimes I just get into bed, perfectly awake, and snuggle for an hour. Just a time to relax and have a little think. xx

  2. I definitely need some me time or I tend to go crazy! I really need just a little bit of quiet time on my own everyday, I think it's perfectly normal to be like that. It doesn't mean you love your friends and family any less, just because you also love a bit of time away from them as well.

  3. thanks for your lovely comments girls :) X x