Tuesday, 7 December 2010

                             Lingerie love

I love lingerie. This might seem like a strange topic for a blog post but I've had almost an obsession with it since I was about seventeen. I love buying it almost as much as I do buying jewellery; its the two things I can never resist buying if I go shopping, even if I know I really shouldn't be spending any money! This little post is to share two of my favourite lingerie designers/boutique. (although sadly I don't own anything from either one *sniffs*).
The picture above is taken from frou frou fashionista, which a luxury lingerie boutique in LA. I would soooo love to visit! Its run by stylish mother and daughter Alison and Gail. You can visit there blog here at: http://froufroufashionista.blogspot. It has a link to the onlineshop so if you like what you see, you may want to check them out :)     


Images from inside the Frou frou fashionista boutique
       How gorgeous is everything inside????      
This is my shopping heaven basically

Some of my favourite pieces our lingerie that they have blogged about
Love the pink swimsuit!

As owners of such a gorgeous girly boutique you can only imagine the gorgeous interior of their own homes! Here are some pictures of one of their bedrooms. Be prepared to drool!

So jealous of this desk

Underwear drawer soooo pretty
Below are some pictures of the boutique:
How cute is this vintage key?
Basically I just want everything in here!


Marissa Montgommery is the creator of Pussy Glamore lingerie, which she started at the age of 21. Unfortunatley I couldnt get any proper pictures to show, but if anybody reading this loves gorgeous lingerie as much as I do you should definatley check her website out!

I was checking the collections out when I came across a new line of headbands that shes started (see first picture) How gorgeous are these?! Unfortunatley they retail at £105 up which is a tad out of my price range! (o.k a lot out of my price range :p ) They are pretty though. sigh.

I love this outfit that shes wearing, its gorgeous.
 >total outfit envy<,
especially the top and the shoes :)

How cold is it today?! And we haven't even got any proper
snow just the stuff that frosts everything over :'(
How do you stay warm but stylish this winter? If any one
has any winter OOTD they would like to share I'd like to see
feel free to leave a link in the comment box!
stay warm

love and kisses

x x x x

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  1. i adore that underwear shop - it all looks so pretty - unfortunately last time i was in LA it had flooded so i couldnt visit xxx

  2. aw thats gutting! :'( would love to have a little shopping trip there X x