Friday, 10 December 2010

All that glitters

I was shopping yesterday when I found my new favourite beauty product for the christmas season (or any season if you are like me and love everything glittery and sparkly)  I needed some more strawberry body butter from the Body shop and decided to have a little look at the make up when I came across this product. It costs £10 and you squeeze the cute little handle/nozzle (are they the right words?) and it sprays shimmery pink/silver glitter all over you :D Its a really fine shimmery dust that comes out, and settles well on your skin (unlike some glittery products that tend to fall off in a little shower when I move)  You get quite a lot of shimmery dust from one spray so no need to squirt lots and have to spend your pennies on another bottle :)

I love the little handle/pump so much :) I thought it was perfume at first and accidently squirted pink shimmer on my friends jacket. He wasn't impressed. There was the only the tester on the shelf as they had all sold out :'( but fortunatley the manager put one out that had been on hold for a week and not collected so It was obviously meant to be :)

I think I have mentioned before I can never resist not buying any jewellery if I go out so these were my other purchases. Although accessorize has three for the price of two on all of their jewellery at the moment, so it would have been silly not to get anything :)

I love this peacock necklace so much its so pretty <3

Daisy bracelet

Theses were from Topshop

Right....this is going to make me sound really stupid, but does anyone know how to open
the original DKNY perfume??!? I don't know if the bottles faulty or i am just being an idiot but we can't figure out how to spray it! the tester in the shop had a little nozzle and you pressed the silver 'apple' top to spray it, but theres not one on her. We can't get the lid off, is it supposed to come off??? Theres no nozzle on the top is it underneath? Me my mum and my sister are lost :( If anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it as I don't feel like taking it all the way back to the shop (plus if its something really obvious they will think I am really simple :p )

Some christmas decorations my aunty sent from her shop :)
I'm going to hang them up in my room as soon as I feel like tidying it up a bit
and finding places for them (which I doubt will be any time soon)

love and kisses

x x x x