Thursday, 11 November 2010

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 Customised Jeans

So, I had a day off work yesterday and as the weather has been so rainny and horrible lately and I was feeling a little bit bored, I decided to have a go at making some customised jeans a la the lovely Cher Lloyd from the X factor. Its not usually my style, Im a bit too girly girl, but I loved the outfit she wore for her first audition (especially the jeans), and the confidence she was rocking up on stage, so I dedcided to have a go at customising a pair myself :)

I had to brave the horrible weather for a trip to town, as I didnt want to cut up any of my skinny jeans I already owned to buy a new (cheapish, in case they went wrong!) pair. Firstly though, I have to mention in case customising isnt peoples thing and they dont want to read this post, that New Look have an incentive to shop offer on at the moment. Whenever you make a purchase over £25 they give you stamp on a little card, and when you have six stamps, you get a £20 voucher to spend :) You have up until sometime until December to use it (I think it might have been the sixth?) to redeem your free voucher.
I was thinking, six lots of £25 purchases is a lot,  but they have loads of cute stuff in there atm, so I'm thinking of maybe doing some early christmas shopping and picking up some warm jumpers/cardigans for winter. The stamp is also a little purple shoe stamp, which is so cute.


So on to the customising....                                                                  

These are the jeans that I brought from New Look, before I started customising  them.                                                                                                                                                 

It's really simple to do, and I'm sure people don't need the tutorial, but in case anyones interested this is how I did mine :) You need a craft knife (or a razor if you don't have one) scissors (I find fabric scissors so much easier to use, and these cost about £5 from the local fabric store, but ordinary scissors will be fine)
News paper, and a cutting mat, or surface to cut on just in case you accidently scratch something you shouldn't (like the coffe table)

Lay your jeans out on the flat surface. Take your news paper and slide it in the jeans where your going to make your first rip, to protect the back of the jeans. Take your knife/razor and gently start running it back and forth the fabric where you want the rip to be. (Some sites say to use a pencil or chalk to pre mark your lines, but I couldn't see them that well, so I didnt bother). Don't try and make a rip straight away, just run the blade back and forth until the rip appears naturally.
If you want to make a big hole in the jeans, instead of running your razor blade round and round (which will take ages and make your hand ache) make the initial rip in the fabric, and the place your blade at the edge of the rip and and guide it gently around your self. This gives it a more rugged edge, and stops the holes from looking like rectangles, which personally I didnt like.

Make as many rips/holes as you like, following the above step! I kept trying mine back on so I could get an idea of what they looked like, and where I wanted additional rips/tears.


Apologies for the bad half a photo, I just wanted to show what they looked like on and as I was cold I just had a sweater on, hair in a pony tail and no make up.

Jeans in the morning light

I do quite like these jeans. I thinkI will wear them with boots and that cute brown leather jacket I saw in TopShop :)


Picture of the Red scarf I also brought from New look £6. I really like the colour red at the moment!

Love and kisses

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  1. lovely post i am a big fan of those jeans aswell as cher lloyd :)
    lots of love