Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My favourite vintage things in my room

Views of my dressing table. I keep all my make up and beauty products in the drawers but I do my hair and make up in front of the mirrors on my wardrobe. The top is really just decorative, although I do wear the jewellery and use the bag on it. I was hunting for something like this for ages. I love french/vintage style dressing tables but they are all so expensive! I eventually found this one in George street furnitures. As it was a little scratched and the only one left they sold it to me for £200. Had to wait for pay day but I love it, was worth it :)

leather white trunks. I looove these so much. They are from Tk maxx. Bit hit and miss in there but sometimes they have pretty vintage boxes for storing things in. I keep facial wipes and make up remover in the top one as I get through them so quickly, I always have to stock up. Luckily they are quite cheap.
I love this purple vase and tree photo holder. They are both from charity shops. My mum picked them up. The photo holder was actually for me. I left the vintage photos in there as I thought they looked nicer, and I'm far to impatient to go through photos and cut them. The vase was my mums and I liked it so much she gave it to me :) my mums nice like that :)
I've had this little letter box for ages :) I dont keep letters in at any more I use it for storing my flower clips from new look which I wear on my denim jacket or on the bottom of a plait if I pull my hair to the side.

I love bird cages so much. This one was from the Range (if you have a shop near you check it out) Its kind of like a gardeny/arty/DIY store and they had loads of vintagey style things when I went last time (although that was about a year ago) This bird cage was £10 and the flowers my aunty gave to me when I was doing my accessory project in uni, and I liked them to much to cut up so slotted them through the cage.
my desk.
The pink flowers were actually on some shoes I bought ages ago and the shoes went perfectly with my dress, but the flowers didn't so I took them off.
View out of my window. I love these candle sticks they were a birthday/christmas present from Tx maxx. The little glass things my mum was going to through out so I rescued them tied pretty ribbon around them and added little tea lights.
I dont have many followers (yet? he he) but if any ones reading this and wants to share any vintagey things they have would love to see them :) post a link in the comment box if you want to share your finds!

love and kisses

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  1. you actually have the cutest room ever I am so jealous. Thanks for your comment on my blog I am now following you :) xxx

  2. Wow your room is utterly charming! In particular that chest of drawers.. very pretty indeed! Do you live in the UK? I saw the coca cola ad the other day, for the first time! xx :)