Thursday, 11 November 2010


So today is Remberance day. It's a time for us to remember all the fallen heroes both and present that gave their life for this country. As war is such a huge presence in todays society as well, I'm sure their are a few of us who might know of someone who lost their life in the war against Iraq. Someone who was in the same school year as me lost his life last September and although it always made me sad to here of soildiers dying in Iraq before, I don't think it truly hits home until you know someones whos died. RIP James and all the other fallen heroes. Gone but not forgotten <3

I also wanted to use this post as a little tribute to something that happened to me recently and the way I want to remember. This isn't going to make much sense to anyone else reading it, lol , so apologies! Its just something that I felt like I needed to post, so sorry about any vaugeness

I made this little tree as a way of remembering. I collected branches from the garden and tied them together with string and placed it in a jar, which I added red glass pebbles to the bottom. I visited Glastonbuty once when I was younger and in this garden there, they have this tree, where people can hang little mementoes on their, like jewellery or teddy bears, in order to remember someone special to them. I liked this idea and so this is what this is about really. I made little fabric ornaments that were personal to me such as a teddy bear, a heart and a red flower and then tied them on the branches of the tree. It was a nice way to help remember and it helped me to feel less sad about it.

I also brought this little rambling rose plant, to plant when the weather gets a little better. My mums going to help me plant it as a have a phobia of inscets, (even looking at the word makes me shudder thats how bad I am!) and also becasue what I know about gardening could be written on the back of a postage stamp :)

Some cute girly gardening gloves ready to get planting

love and kisses

x x x x

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  1. ohhh lovely post!!!!!!!!!

    i love your pretty tree