Monday, 22 November 2010

So the weather here has been really wet and cold and miserable for the last two weeks. I mean really grey skies, constant rain and lots of puddles everywhere :'( People say that its 'winter weather' but I disagree. Winter weather is snow :) or cold crisp days but with the sun shining brightly so you can snuggle up in your scarfs and gloves. Although this might be strange, (a post dedicated to umbrellas?!) these umbrellas are so cute and stylish and they make the weather a tiny bit more bearable :) And also I just love anything thats cute and girly.


Umbrellas from

I love this one

I also love this umbrella, how cute?
Different too

Betty Boop :)

These umbrellas are all from dazzleandglitz.
They have the cutest gifts there, although I would say they are more eye candy then
 anything else as some of them are quite expensive. The bird umbrella for example was something like £32
ouch :(

These are quite cool. I think I would feel a bit stupid wearing them
but they're quite cute, and definatley girly!

what are they?
"From SHUELLA, your shoe umbrella!  Yes, you read correctly. You can look stylish and fashionable without ruining your favorite heels in the rain.
The difference between Shuella and a pair of galoshes is that the "Shuella" will fit over any high heeled shoe, so you can keep your heels on and slip them over the top of your shoe. 
When you're out of the rain, you just take them off, wipe them down with the cloth supplied with them, fold them into their pouch and pop them into your handbag."

 I kind of like them because they are a bit like the redordead after party shoe. They provide practical solutions to problems for girls. Now all they need to invent is pocket straightners and I'll be all set :)

I'm definatley not a welly girl, but with all this rain, these are what
I would wear if I had to pick some. They are quite nice actually :p

                                                              love and kisses

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  1. LOVE umbrellas and rainboots :) I really like the ruffly one too!

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