Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ten things I love

Pastel colours
 I know shocking considering its spring but I love all the pretty pastel shades that are around at the moment. I went shopping (for the first times in aaagges) on Saturday and indulged a little too much in the pastel palettes. I also popped my coloured jeans cherry and brought a mint green pair from Jane Norman. I've always been hesitant to stray from my trusty blue jeans as I didn't know if I would look stupid wearing coloured jeans but they are amazing and I LOVE them :)


Internacionale jewellery

Since I started working for internacionale this month I have been in love with their jewellery collection, and have to ask myself, why did I not know about this before? They are incredibly similar to New Look jewellery and they are SO affordable. Even without discount I think the most expensive thing I've liked was £5. Its so pretty and girly and right up my street :) and the best the thing as its so inexpensive I can justify buying lots of it :)

Good things skin care range

I admit I hardly ever buy new beauty/makeup products not because  I don't love them, but because I always tend to stick to what I know with beauty products, resulting in wasted money. However my skin was quite bad recently and I wanted to try a new exfoliator to see if it could make a difference. I was sceptical at first but this product is amazing. It smells absolutely gorgeous (you might be thinking licorice-eurrgh) but honestly you can't smell licorice in it all. I have to say my skin is looking (touch wood) a lot clearer than it was across my nose and cheeks and this product is gentle enough to use every day but not so gentle that you can't feel it at all :)
Worth a visit to boots simply to have a sniff of the smell in my opinion ;)

Company magazine

I've always loved company magazine as I love their mix of fashion and articles they write, but I'm loving their new make over they've had :) The new size is so much more compact and easier to take with you. I love the new fonts and layout for their pages and I love the articles they write on blogging an street fashion 

Street fashion
Motel Rocks Motel Elsa Bodycon Dress

I love street fashion, it appeals to me so much more than all the over priced designer catwalk fashion shoots you see in Vogue. These are some of the looks that I'm liking on look book at the moment
I especially love the dress in the first picture so very very pretty :)

Black Sheer Blouse, Black Velvet Crop Top, Golden Chain, Round Black Sunnies, Mint Shorts

Top shop nail polish

When I first picked up these nail polishes I was put off by the price. I think £6 for nail varnish is a lot of money and Topshop are notorious for there over the top price tags. However as I was in shopping spree mode and I loved these two colours oh so much I thought I would try them out. I have to say I love them, particularly razzmatazz. Its such a gorgeous sparkly colour and the polish stayed in tact on my nails something that hardly ever happens. I was a bit worried with razzmatazz that you would just get some ineffectual glitter on your nails and none of the pretty blue colour, but after three coats you get the exact colour that's in the bottle. Its pretty enough for day time and nights out I would definitely re purchase this :)  

New look shoes

So perfect for summer if we were in fact having one :/ They have so many gorgeous pastel colours in there at the moment I do literally feel like a kid in a sweet shop. I love my heels but I'm a ballet pumps girls for day time and New look have so many different ones to pick from. The best thing is they are all really affordable so you can justify getting one in each colour ;)

Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich  by twopeasandtheirpod

I actually got around to joining Pintrest. Well I say joining, by this I mean I have been sent a request but have yet to actually start pinning :) I could sit and look at the images for hours. I always find the pictures really inspiring and some of them are quite motivation for doing things. For example, the food pictures (aside from making my mouth water) make me want to learn to cook and the pictures of places make me want to travel :)

Nail art

I had a go at my very own nail art a few weeks ago when I was bored. I love nail art but I don't have a steady hand or a lot of patience so I've never really tried it properly before. This is one of my first attempts. It's a little busy but I love it overall :)  Want to try theses designs next, especially the nautical ones :)

graphic :O

Bright prints and bright colors!

how to do nautical nails

Other peoples blogs 

A few links to some amazing blogs that I always love to read :) I'm sure most of you will already be aware of these lovely blogs already, but if not give them a read you won't be disappointed :)

Avenue M
where is harriet?

An Alien World

Satin & Souffles

Also hello and thank you to my lovely new followers :)
I have been very lacking on the blogging front (yet again) so I was surprised (but happy) to see some new faces :)

More posts to come soon ;)

Love and kisses

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  1. Thank you for the little mention <3
    I'm loving all the pastel colours in the shops this spring too, and I was so tempted to buy Company the other day with Kate on the front, she looks gorgeous xxx

  2. I love pastel colours, its such a massive trend this season and really my style. I guess I just love the suttlety of it and the feminine appeal. I also love that picture of the girl in the blue dress! xx

  3. So many pretty nails! i wish I had the patience to do awesome nail designs like that...
    And I looove the gold earrings in the 2nd pic! So cute!