Friday, 11 May 2012

Summer pieces

If you have read my blog before you will know I am a massive jewellery lover. I could sit for hours and play with it and match it up to different outfits. My friend says I'm like a magpie (or a child) as I'm attracted to anything that's sparkly :) I thought I would do a post that's a little different today, and show some of the items that I think are perfect for accessorising your outfits for this spring/summer 

Statement Rings

Left to Right
Flower ring: Boutique jewellery shop 
Teal flower ring: New Look
Butterfly Ring & Coral ring: Republic

What a surprise I started with rings ;) Possibly my favourite type of jewellery........
I think big colourful statement rings are what it's all about this spring/summer. Perfect way to pull together the colours in your outfit and if it's really big you don't even need to wear any other jewellery. I love the brightly coloured flower rings in New Look at the moment. They do them in bright orange, pink and blue and also pretty pastels colours like this mint one and peach. I think it was around £2.99 so you could even treat yourself to one in every colour :)

Feather Earrings

Lilac earrings: Accessorize
Pink earrings: Republic
Teal earrings: New Look

I didn't used to be a fan of feather earrings but now I love them :) You can wear them to dress up or down any outfit you like and they come in every shade of the rainbow. I like these pastel coloured ones to pair with pastel coloured jeans and pretty dresses in the day or with a pretty lace dress and denim jacket for a romantic evening out :) The brightly coloured ones are perfect for dressing up denim shorts and a vest top at the beach and I love the darker printed feather earrings in black and brown to wear with ankle boots and a little black dress on a night out.

Cuff bracelets

Teal cuff: Topshop
White cuff: New Look

I really love these bracelets. I think they are a good way to add a little bit of edge to your outfit and are something a bit different. They are quite a statement piece of jewellery so again you don't need to pile the rest of it on. I love this white one as a more girly every day piece and the teal one for nights out 

Brightly coloured beaded bracelets

Yellow beaded bracelet: River Island
Other bracelets: Topshop

The colours of these bracelets are perfect for summer and I love them stacked on your wrist as arm candy :) Perfect for wearing every day and for brightening up an outfit

Floral Rope Bracelets

Floral rope bracelets: Handmade

Theses are my favourite kind of bracelets to wear in the summer. So simple and pretty they are perfect for a spring look with their pretty colours and floral decoration

Cuff necklaces

Picture credit

Apologies I'm cheating a bit here. I don't have one of these necklaces although I have been eyeing them up for a while. Gold collar necklaces are everywhere at the moment and at first I have to admit I didn't like them, they weren't really my thing.....but now I love them. I think they look lovely with sheer pastel coloured blouses tucked in to shorts or a skirt or with a body con dress for a night out.

Love and kisses

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  1. Gorgeous post, love your statement rings.

  2. Just found your adorable pretty blog! I've started following you, just couldn't resist. I love the bracelets that look like sweeties, so cute and kitsch. Would like if you could follow me back :)

  3. I love feather earrings at the moment!!

    Also, the follower button on my design blog is now fixed :) xxxxx

  4. I really like cuff bracelets and love statement rings too. I don't know why but I always wear more jewellery in the summer months than I do in Winter :) xxx

    i'm following you now :D
    mind to follow back? :)