Sunday, 25 March 2012


So apologies for yet another jewellery related post but I don't have anything else that I feel is interesting enough to blog about at the moment. I've had the most unproductive week ever to be honest so I'm hoping that next week is going to be much better :) 
I haven't made any necklaces for a while, as they take the longest to make out of all the jewellery, and I hadn't felt like digging out all the fabric to make some. But the week before last I thought it would be nice to make some now we're starting to sail in to spring :)

I think this one is my favourite as it's a bit different from all the others I have made
and I love butterflies

This one was unbelievably tricky to do. The fabric I used is quite heavy on the pink flowers and it flops 
forward a lot and pulls in different directions, making it impossible to sew it tidily on to the necklace!  

Hopefully I can get some more made in different colours this week :)

love and kisses

x x x x 


  1. These are really pretty, it makes it so much nicer knowing they are handmade too!
    JS xx

  2. These are all so lovely, I love butterflies too! xxx