Monday, 4 April 2011

Read these words

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suziebeezie - lisaottosson:

"Inside us all patiently waiting, sits a tiny little adventurous bird"
Beyond the RackTypcut: Are You Happy? : H/34 : Creative Work, By Alex Koplin

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Marilyn Monroe Beauty Quote Art Print by goingplaces2 on EtsyBrave Girls Club - a little bird told me

This is the first 'inspirational' / 'mood board' posts I want to start posting. I love anything creative and collecting images.  Mood Boards are a good way of gathering inspiration and helping to focus your ideas. I want to post collections of images/quotes that inspire me and instead of just having them saved in endless folders in my pictures that you forget about, I thought it would be good to archive them to my blog so its easier for me to look back over and view. And of course so that any lovely readers out there can see them if they wish, and maybe feel inspired by them as well :)

I started with quotes as I love reading them especially when you read them and
feel like it was written with you in mind

love and kisses

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  1. i loveee collecting quotes and cute images :) my computer is clogged with them! xx
    p.s. i have a giveaway happening over at my blog :) would love for you to join in!x

  2. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, these are such lovely pictures! xx

  3. those are excellent quotes - really bought a smile to my face :) xxx