Sunday, 3 April 2011

Five little rings sitting in a shop

I believe my ring collection is bordering on the obsessive, but when I wandered in to outfit and spied their sale rack of jewellery from £2, there was no way I could walk away and leave them for someone else to have :)

I love this ring. I love anything to do with hearts and spotted this one straight away. Its such a lovely girly colour and the heart itself is covered with white floral type netting. It is massive on, but its really light so you don't feel the weight of it. It was originally £12.50 down to £2

This ring is pretty much the same except it is a lot smaller. They only had one left in xs and I tend to wear rings on my middle fingers which is a size s/m so this one only fits my ring or my little finger, but I wasn't going to leave it there it was way to pretty! I think this one might have been £7-8 orignially down to £2.

Topshop seem to have a permenant sale on jewellery items at the moment which I'm loving. Although I do think Topshop jewellery is really overpriced to start with especially when you see something that originally cost £20 down to like £3 something. I saw this ring a while ago and I really wanted it but (sensibly) talked myself out of buying it. I'm glad I did as I spied it in my local Topshop for half price last week. Sadly not for £2 I think it may have been £6/7 down from about £12 ish.

I know it looks a bit bizzare me holding a candle holder btw when I'm blogging about a ring, it was just unbelievably difficult to get a clear shot of it without me holding something! They where really blurry, hence the candle holder :)

Heart wire ring from Top shop. Think this was about £5 sorry I can't remeber exactly I've thrown the backs away and the receipt is burried with the rest of them in an overflowing box so I'm relying on my memory  which doesn't seem to want to be bothered for information today :/

Flower ring £2 from outfit. I'm not sure if this is an actual 'brand' as it were, its a shop on the retail park and it has lots of concession stores in it. The jewellery stand was halfway between the Topshop concession and another one I can't remember the name of. I don't believe the £2 rings were Topshop jewellery though? I didn't look at the lables I was too entranced by the rings and the huge jewellery from £2 sign. Sorry.
They had them in red and brown as well but I just got a black one as I'll probably wear it more.

I've been searching for little charms recently as I would love to start my own online jewellery business and I stumbled across these little charms from  jewellery enchanments. The charms are so sweet and the selection they have is amazing I would imagine theres something to suit everyones taste. I thought they were a bit expensive, but as they range from £5-£15 and they are sterling silver I guess its not to bad.

Theses are some of my favourites. I could have posted lots more but I would be here all day! :)

love and kisses

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  1. What gorgeous purchases, the first two love heart rings are too sweet! <3

  2. Thank-you for another comment, same it's so pretty! This jewellery is so lovely too, you never disappoint me with your bargains xx

  3. I love the first two they are just stunning.