Friday, 11 February 2011

A girls best friend

A couple of years ago I made a purchase from Red foot shoes after seeing these beautiful pair in a magazine. There a lot of similar pairs out there at the moment but these where the first time I had seen then: magic shoes that fold up small enough to fit your bag for a night out, ready to swap your killer heels for when your poor toes can't take any more

These are the cutest little pair I've seen, I love the colour and the bow detail on the front :)
They are really comfortable on and fold right up so they fit in this tiny little pouch to pop in your bag

They even include this little bag to put your heels in so you dont have to carry them or loose one by mistake. Like the shoes it has a little pouch to fold the bag up in so you can just attach it your bag so your not stuck carrying it around.

The only down fall to these little shoes is the rain. The first time I wore them it chucked it down with rain and my feet got soaked through within minutes so I had to put my heels back on. As much as I loved the purple ones though, If Im honest If I was buying them again, I think I would get a plain black pair, as they go more with party dresses, and the purple can look a little at odds with them. Aside from that though I would completely recommend these shoes :)
Prices at Red foot range from £6 (bargin) to the more pricey £40

The website wont let me copy and paste their shoes (boo) but I seriously urge you to check THESE out. They are limited edition Carrie shoes from Sex and the city and they are completley gorgeous and an utter bargin £12.99 down from£45.99. If I didnt have a pair I would definatley be buying these

managed to get a copy of the small picture at the bottom of the large one, trust me these are GORGEOUS :)

They also do 'foldology rain boots' which are pretty cool. Same concept but they are fold up welly boots to pop in your normal bag so you dont get caught in the rain. I think these are pretty cool as I got marks all over my grey boots walking home in the drizzle (and mud when the pavement ran out on to main road) when walking home from a friends :(

Lastly I just want to share a few things that I'm lusting over from New Look

Silver (Silver) Swallow Double Ring | 212695892 | New LookPink Blossom (Pink) Bright Owl Pendant | 216574870 | New LookGold (Gold) Daisy Double Ring | 212958393 | New Look
Silver (Silver) Double Feather Ring | 210307692 | New Look

Im in love with double finger rings at the moment, esp this swallow one. I've spent far too much on jewellery lately though to justify the purchase. Fortunatley my birthdays coming up in a couple of months so this may be on my wish list :)

Cream (Cream) Crochet Clutch Box | 211776313 | New LookRusset (Brown) Floral Pearly Purse | 217264024 | New LookPink Pattern (Pink) Floral Pearly Purse | 217264079 | New Look
Pigeon (Grey) Patchwork Bird Purse | 215231404 | New LookPink Blossom (Pink) Vintage Floral Duffle | 213503370 | New Look

Totally in love with the last one that may wind up on my list to

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  1. I am a fan of redfoot shoes, they really are genius! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Those shoes are such a good idea, but maybe not ideal with all the rain we get in the UK! Love those floral purses too! x

  3. hello :)
    thanks for your comment!
    i hate needles and eyes too, that thought scares me! ahh.
    cute post! i love the idea of fold up shoes, i might have a look on that website! <33
    Rosie xo