Saturday, 19 February 2011

Confessions of a jewellery addict

I think I may have been a magpie in a former life, because I don't think it's normal to own so much jewellery and yet still want to keep adding to my collection every time I go out.  I think I may need to go to jewellery rehab. My jewellery has long past overspilled the confines of my jewellery box and has spilled across every other available surface of my room. But still  I can never resist buying a new ring or pair of earrings, even If I can talk myself out of buying a new dress (for the time being)

All the little birdies necklaces
I can't resist any jewellery with birds on them at the moment. Topshop have got some really cute birdcage necklaces atm, but they are £20 each which I think is a lot, so I'm holding off for the moment

This one was from Topshop in the sale (can't remember how much but I think it may have been £2-£4) I love the ribbon on the necklace and the silver and blue together, its so cute

I love this necklace so much. I already have similar earrings in a different colour although I wasn't fussed on the matching necklace, but when I saw this one in these colours I knew I wanted it. I actually left the shop to check my bank balance and then came back to get it (I was meant to be christmas shopping at the time) I love the colours on it

This necklace was from chelseadoll jewellery. It was about £6-£12 (can't remember which one sorry). I wasnt that fussed at first as it looked a lot nicer on line, but I've been wearing it a lot lately and its grown a lot on me

I love this necklace so much. I dont wear it as much now, but I used to get a lot of comments when I wore it. It was from Topshop a few years ago about £6 I think. I wore it to a christmas party a few years ago and it was one of the best nights of my life, so whenever I wear this necklace it makes me smile

Some of my favourite flower necklaces from accessorise

These are two of my favourites that I wear a lot they're so pretty and girly

I love this necklace it was from Mikey jewellery in the sale £7. Its expensive full price, so I love finding nice things in their sale

I love butterfly necklaces and just butterfly jewellery in general. One of my friends mum even refered to me once as the girl who wears all the butterfly jewellery? I love this bottom necklace, although I haven't actually worn it in ages even though I used to wear it all the time. I have to many butterfly necklaces to bother photographing them all so I just chose some of my favourites. The gold one in the bottom right hard corner was a birthday present from some of my workmates a few years ago, its so pretty, It has all little charms dangling from it.  

This one was from Next a couple of years ago. I just loved the colours and the floral fabric on it. They have a sort of pretty vintage-y look to them that I love

Although this post was about necklaces, I wanted to put this bracelet in . Actually technically its my mums, but I've taken to borrowing it so much recently it seems to have taken up permenant residence in my room. 

Lastly here are some of the items I'm currently lusting after in accessorise:

Doll's House Long Pendant NecklaceHot Air Balloon Long Pendant NecklaceEnamel Butterfly Collar Necklace

I love the little house and the hot air balloon necklaces a lot. Seriously considering doing some quick on line shopping after this post but am trying to be good.
Milan Designer Flower RingRosewater Diamante Bling RingEnchanted Bella Statement Ring
In love with these rings esp the first two. I normally love huge statement rings or pretty little ones but I love cocktail rings atm as well, although I haven't added any to my collection. Just makes me want to load my fingers up with bling and go to a cocktail bar.
Novelty Pencil Short Drop EarringsPolka Dot Bow Tie Stud EarringsTurquoise Navette Chandelier Earrings

These earrings are so sweet the first two and I think the other ones will be good for a night out

I know if I worked in accessorise I would be permenantly broke :|

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. Wow you have such a lovely collection of jewellery! And love the stand you have to display everything :) I can't help buying more necklaces and rings than I need either xx

  2. Wow, all your necklaces are so pretty! I would absolutely love to shop in Accessorise all the time, but my pay check would not be happy! :p xoxo

  3. You really do have a lot of jewellery, don't you! I love how you've laid it all out on that bird cage, though, so gorgeous. And you own such lovely things! x

  4. love love love all your jewellery and how you store it!


  5. Hi chick, thanks for your comment on my blog. Beautiful post hun and Beautiful jewellery xoxo

  6. Hi there,I'm new here so great to meet a fellow jewellery adict to share my addiction/passion with!Loving the gold bird! Wales is such a beautiful part of the world, I'm from Lancashire in the UK.Sharon xx

  7. Wow, you have some amazing pieces!
    And I know what you mean about magpie tendencies: I constantly want more even though I have enough,

    Rosie x

  8. I would love to have the pick of your jewellery! I do like bird necklaces, but I have a bird tattoo just underneath my collarbone so I feel like it's bird overload if I wear one on a necklace too. I still have a couple that I haven't been able to resist though.

    I have the one with the pink flowers and pearl chain from Accessorize too, I think it's my number one favourite necklace!

  9. You have stunning jewellery. I particularly like the little cage you have them upon. I love all the butterflies, too x

  10. Thank your for all your lovely comments girls, it makes me smile to read them all :)
    Ha ha I definatley own waaaaaay to much jewellery but I think I may love it even more than I love chocolate :0
    x x x x

  11. I love that blue gem ring! Thanks for the comment on my blog xxx