Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Charity finds

I have to admit that I've never been a great lover of charity shops. I know that people find some fantastic stuff in there sometimes for pennies, and the proceeds are going to a good cause but I've never really had the urge to have a good browse in them. Yesterday though my mum and sister said they where going to town to have a browse through the charity shops and I decided to go with them.

Two new ring purchases :) These aren't from a charity shop, they are from New Look and Primark. I'm trying not to spend as much money on clothes and things atm, so I deliberatley restricted myself to Primark and the charity shops so that if I saw anything I really liked I wouldn't be spending too much :) I have been after the gold bird ring for a while after seeing it on numerous other blogs and falling in love with it. I have an obsession with jewellery or prints with birds on them I think they're really cute.

Flower ring from New Look £2.50 Couldn't resist this one either :) I love anything floral print and I thought this ring would look good in the summer

Floral bangles from Primark £2-£3

Earrings from New Look £4. I thought these would look sweet in the
summer with my ring so couldn't resist

New shoes from store twenty one.
I've never really been in before but I love the floral pattern on these.
Shoes £6

Don't ask me why I decided to do a feet in the air shot, I just randomly decided to
try and see what they looked like :)

I love the floral print. I think they will look sweet with
leggings and oversized top or pair of shorts :)

Butterfly belt £3 from Primark. I love this, and I was quiet surprised to find it actually fitted around my waist as I'm quiet small so I can't usually wear them. I have a few butterfly belts from River Island that I love but they where £20 so to get this one for £3 = big smiles :D
Apologies for a photo heavy post I think I was just in a snap happy mood :)

And finally....My charity shop finds :) If you have read previous blog posts you know that Im always on the look out for pretty vintage-y/shabby chic pieces for my room so I was happy to find these for 50p and a £1. I love the little bits you find but they can be quite expensive in some high street stores. Its a bit hit and miss in there for pretty shabby chic items but sometimes you can find some great things

I love the cream vintagey look to the left one and the pastel-y floral
detailing on the second

These are the books that I picked up. The one on the left was 20p :) and the others were a £1 each.
I was quite surprised to find the amount of chic lit books in there that I did. A lot of them were ones that I've picked up idly in bookstores but haven't brought them as they are quiet expensive and I wasnt sure If I would enjoy them and get bored half way through, so it seemed like a waste.

Charity shop convert?....quiet possibly! :)

love and kisses

x x x x


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  2. cuuuute shoes!
    love the rings too :) <3

  3. I never usually find anything in charity shops either - I'm always envious when people come back with lovely vintage-y things they've found!
    I really like the things you found though, and the rings are really nice too, especially the bird ring!

  4. awesome finds! and oh my, those shoes are adorable. i love the floral print!

  5. Everything you bought is so pretty!
    I'm useless in charity shops, I only ever really manage to find junk. Love what you picked up though :)

  6. I LOVE charity shops sometimes find great things sometimes nothing but the thrill of the hunt keeps me going.You did well tho.

  7. What beautiful pictures and such sweet and gorgeous items. I love the shoes. I also really like your blog header.

  8. i checked out your blog to find it amazing!love your sense of style!this post is so romantic!!love everything esp the bird ring!
    i am following!would love it if you came by my blog and i could see u on my list!
    big kiss from greece!


  9. lovely finds!! i have that bird ring from primark too :) xx

  10. Cute blog and post!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much

  11. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love charity shops so much they are amazing!
    oh awesome, i wish i could paint/draw like that they are really nice <3

  12. thank-you for yet another lovely comment my sweet,
    i love new look it's so good for little gems every now and again.
    and oh my goodness those boxes are so cute! i love them, great finds!
    i'm glad you like the saga sig pictures, i could spend days on her website they are so perfect!<3

  13. i love charity shopping but you have to have the energy to rummage for the good stuff and it can be quite frustrating if you dont find anything! love all the florally things, very girly :) and definitely loving that pastelly floral trinket box... gorgeous! xx

  14. flower power to the max! :p



  15. I am quite the self confessed charity shop addict, I tell you there’s some real treasures to be had. The trinket boxes are adorable and I really want to read the How To Walk in High Heels book.

    Those rings are absolutely beautiful too and I love your birdcage.

    p.s Thank you for the advice on my last post, I really did appreciate it xx

  16. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon!

    I love the bird ring, its very dainty!

    Im now following you :)

    The doll on fashion

  17. suchh a cute blog! lovely post XX

  18. Amazing blog!!;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  19. Cute finds! i love the birdcage too! such a cool blog, id love you to check out mine xx

  20. floral overload right? ahaha looks soo good though - loving all your buys especially those shoes/rings :) xxx

  21. I love floral patterns and your shoes are great - the ring is very original, too. Great finds!! Although I have to say the birdcage kept catching my eye in the best way possible.


  22. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls, it means a lot and I love reading them all :) x x

  23. The it girl books are amazing! I'm reading the whole series and I LOVE it! xxx


  24. wow some great finds, i love those shoes x