Sunday, 30 January 2011

<3 Saturdays shopping spree <3

On a Saturday my sister goes to the congress theatre in town to practice with her drama group for a few hours and if I'm not working me and my mum have a wander around the shops. I wasn't epecting to find much as the shops have still got all their tale end of sale and hold all the rubbish thats been left and nothing shiny new and exciting to look at. But I was plesantly surprised and happy at what I did end up buying yesterday :)
close up of shopping :)

I think this has to be one of my favourite things I brought yesterday. I'm terrible with my glasses. I wear them for driving and watching TV and they generally just get slung in the bottom of my bag. How I haven't broken them on numerous occassions I really don't know. Anyway I decided yesterday that I was going to start using my glasses case again (I never have even though I should as its the boring clunky one you get given in the opticians) when I found this in Topshop. Its so cute and I love the glasses appliqued on to the front :) It cost £6 so it wasn't to expensive either :)

This is my second favourite item I brought yesterday. Its from H&M which normally I hardly ever go in. I find it very hit and miss, like Primark. I always see people wearing lovely outfits and when I ask where they got it from they say H&M / Primark, but whenever I go in either shop I just see piles and piles of stuff! I think I've only ever actually brought three items from H&M including this skirt. I love the fit of the skirt a lot, and the colour and the cute bird print :) They had a cardigan with the same print as well which was cute, but not really me.

Sorry for the odd looking pose in this picture, but this skirt perfectly
matches my new shoes and this was the best way to get them both in!

close up of print

All the jewellery I brought :) I don't know what it is about jewellery I only know that I can never ever resist buying it. I love the earrings on the right side, they're so colourful and different and perfect for summer. It was originally a toss up between them and the daisy earrings, as they were £12 each (eek) and although the daisy ones will go with more outfits I couldn't leave the others there. To make up for it though the ring and the bracelet were sal items and less than £2 each. (theres a logic in there somewhere) I've been eyeing 'saying brcaelets' (I don't know if they're called that its just what I call them) up for a while but hae never got one so this seemed like a good chance to add one to my collection.

Also added this cuff to my ever expanding jewellery collection. I saw it before christmas but didn't buy it and saw it agin when I went in to Topshop yesterday. I love big statement pieces of jewellery and I love the colours on this one. I think It will be really nice in the summer :)

Its quite light and loose on your wrist too.
 It wont fall off but you can move your arm freely

I picked this dress up in New Look. Perfect for the summer and matches my new ring as well :) I love New Look for little dresses although I've noticed that their prices keep going up (even before the VAT change) and the quality is not always that brilliant :/

Also brought this laptop bag from New Look byt my laptop doesn't quite fit in there so It will have to go back. The purse is from accessorise and is so sweet I couldn't resist. I love anything heart shaped and floral.

Had a wander around WHSmiths whilst my mum was looking at something else and picked these two up. I've already read Sapphire by Katie Price (don't like her but her books are the perfect trashy beach read) it was really good, looking forward to read the other one :) Its about a woman who has to come and look after her grandmothers  vintage clothing shop when she passes away and discovers that shes been writing stories to accompany every dress she sells, about each dress secret life before it got to the shop.
Sounds like a good girly book so will get reading it tonight :)

 Lastly my lovely Lipsy sale dressand skirt that turned up the other day. I paid normal delivery ordered them about 7.30pm Thursday night and they turned up Friday morning. Impressed :) I think the dress was £15 and the skirt £10. I thought about ordering the skirt before but they didn't have my size and I'm glad they didn't now :) The dress is halter neck so I've got my eye on it for the summer!

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  1. amazing stuff ! love the last dress <3

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  2. OK. That is officially the CUTEST skirt that I have ever seen. I love it, I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today + the follow. I will now, officially be lusting after that skirt. Happy Wednesday to you. ;-) xx veronika