Friday, 28 January 2011

                                                  I have fallen in love...

I have a feeling the top of this blog post will come out all sque-iff as this picture really didn't want to move any where else on the page but I forgive it for being annoying as its sooo pretty :) I found some Kylie Minogue duvets when I was flicking through the Next Directory yesterday and I really really want one. Sadly The adult versions start at around £130 :'( It was really the kids one from Next that I liked though, (you could get away with on an adult bed though) as it was a pretty peach-y colour with sequins and cushions that said make a wish... with stars on them. They start at £50 which is better but the cushions are £20 each and the sequined throw was another £50  and I sadly simply can not justify that extravagance even though they are so gorgeous :'( Unless I win the lottery :) 

Allure is available in oyster and is sold exclusively by House of Fraser.
Oh please please please be mine :)

love and kisses
 x x x x


  1. I think my mum has Kylie sheets, I was suprised at how they're actually really nice and minimalist, white with slightly shiny swirls all over.

    I'm obsessed with bedding at the mo, especially the pillowcases that make a moustache when you put them together!

  2. oh I know the ones,they look good :) Me too its just a shame its so expensive! X