Friday, 19 November 2010

Worlds cutest stationary

One of the great things about reading other peoples blogs, is seeing some of the things that they find, that you love, but never knew existed :) I've always loved stationary and buying loads of girly new things for the start of term, so when I read the post at I fell in love :) I've always loved paperchase notebooks and the things that they sell, but these from are just as cute and the best thing is most of these note books are £2 or less. Sadly as I've finished school and Uni I no longer really need stationary :'( but I had fun looking anyway. These are some of my favourite ones :)

95p. Is the the cutest,cheapest notebook ever?

I tend to like anything with hearts on it,
 and I think this one is so sweet and simple

I love this one so much I may
 have to buy it anyway :)

And this one :)

These are for carrying things like hair grips or
chewing gum etc in your bag. I like this because when I
have a big bag I tend to have to hunt for ages for the
little things

I just thought this was sweet :) They have a yellow
and red version as well. If anyone has any little brothers and
sisters in the infants, how cute would this be?

I can't make an excuse for needing a pencil case :'(
but if I needeed one this is gorgeous. I used to have an
obsession with pencil cases, I had like 40 of them

To see the gorgeous things Rosie brought head over to her blog

love and kisses

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  1. Glad you found some nice things on there :)
    so cute!

    Bloglovin' is another form of blog-following but you can just click the 'Follow' button at the top of the webpage..if you know what I mean, haha.

    Rosie x

  2. i love stationary too but have no need for it now i may convert the pencil case to a make up bag tho, xx

  3. Haha, I'm not sure that you are or not to be honest! Don't worry about it though :)
    And I should definitely look at some Topshop sale rings because sale stuff is always actually good there!

    Rosie x

  4. your blog is full of such sweet thing! can we follow each other? i have a style blog :)



  5. Thanks for all your comments girlies! :)

    Rosie- I think I am, it said on the side click to unfollow so I think I am a follower :D yeah the sale stuff is amazing, but its so cheap sometimes I wonder weather I should bother paying full price for it the rest of the time.... :P

    I didn't think of using the pencil case as a makeup bag....fab suggestion now I have an excuse xD yay!

    Aw thanks becky-may :) am now following you :)

    x x