Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shop Shop Shop

These are images of my auntys shop Indigo Moon. I just thought I would do a little post because they are so gorgeous :) She lives in Montgommery in North Wales, and she has dreamed about settingt up a shop to sell her art work and other vintage treasures most of her life. It took her a really long time to get there and they had so many obstacles put in their way but they finally did it :) I haven't actually been to see it yet, buit judging by these pictures I'm going to have to save my pennies to purchase a few things :) 

*apologies for the picture heavy post but they all looked so pretty and gorgeous, I couldn't edit any out!*

Gorgeous bath bombs :)

I love the dolly pegs in the right hand corner of the picture
so colourful and sweet!

oooo jewellery. Enough said! :)

I like the little rose candles :)

I love the little eiffel towers, I want one. Hope they still have one
in stock :)

oooo I just want to shop :)

Pretty vintage scarf and necklace. I love stuff like this

I want these just for the pretty butterfly boxes!

If I had some of these I'd string them together and hang them down my curtains :)

I love these pretty boxes, you can never have to many for storage

I loooove these pigs so cute

I love the patchwork quilt you can just see hanging over the door. Sadly though patchwork quilts are quite
expensive so I wont be buying one :(

And lastly some of the gorgeous art work she makes and sells in her shop :)
I know shes my aunty but I think she so talented, and an inspiration after all shes struggled against to
get this far. This has made me want to have a little decorating spree in my room now! 

If anybody wants to have a look at any more images of her art work or the shop, you can see them at her blog 
*all pictures taken from above blog :)*

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. oh my goodness that is like a dream! I love everything in it and wish I could go shopping there!

  2. me too :) I wish I had one where I lived! although I would want to spend to much, so maybe its just as well there isn't! X

  3. wow your aunty's shop is amazing, does she let you have a few things. I love the look of the bath bombs and I like the pretty boxes. Really cute shop, thanks for sharing kitten xxx

  4. What a lovely place to shop! I would love to spend some time in there! xo

  5. It's beatuiful, when I next visit North Wales, I am going to find her. :) x

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Now that looks like my kinda shop - absolutely quirky and cute! She should set up a delivery service? ;)

    Rosie x

    Following now, would love for you to follow back :D

  7. Thanks for all your comments girlies!
    Rosie - I will pass the msg along :P loved your blog, wish I had an excuse to buy lots of gorgeous stationary! :'(
    Vintage and cake-haven't been there yet but she might give me a discount! lol

    X x