Sunday, 21 November 2010

lover of all things vintage <3


When I was browsing the web for little vintage things and ideas I came across this blog

anyone who loves interior design and vintage things or is looking for ideas to decorate their room should definatley check it out. 
These pictures are from a girl called Tracy Nors flick'r and it was on the above blog under a  bohemian homes post. The pictures taken from Tracys home and some of someone elses places. You can see the full post here
These are the pictures that I love the most, and would like to decorate my own place like when I move out  

I love vintage/french style dressing tables. This chandelier is one that she recylced and wrapped with fabric. Its gorgeous I love it so much. I might have to try making one :)

All above pictures are taken from

Here is another blog that is a must check out for lovers of all things girly and vintage. Its crammed full of pictures of gorgeous vintage things and interiors that makes you wish they were all yours :) I couuldnt possibly comment on all the pictures as there are to many and this would be the longest blog entry in history but here are some of my favourites

These are images from her own garden.  How gorgeous and romantic is this? I would love a little place like this! Only you wouldn't be able to use it much with the wonderful British weather :'(

Above are all images taken from the from the blog owners stall at a French Flea market that she went to. I would love to put it all in my room, especially the french cushions. Sigh!I wish we had carboot sales like this in Britain like they hold in the states. If anyones reading this who knows of any that are pretty good (and preferably in wales) let me know :)
You can also visit her website at

Above images are from Romance magazines 2008. More can be found at

I am a typical girly girl and I love all things romantic. I love all these little spaces they are so gorgeous, especially the little dining areas <3
These images below are all taken from google images. Collecting them as inspiration for what I want my house to look like one day

I love the little branch thing on the dressing room in the second picture, I might have to try this 

Im not a fan of laundry but how cute are those laundry bags?

I love this second kitchen so much! Its impractical, but who cares when its this pretty

I just loved the little step ladder in the last one, its so cute <3

mmm the ultimate girly it <3

There's no place like home....

love and kisses

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  1. Oh I love this style!

  2. I love vintage too :D I used to love everything ultra modern and new, but now I love amazing vintage style in clothing and also in design. Have a nice Sunday!
    xoxo from Hannie

  3. I love all things vintage and shabby chic! Beautiful pictures. I would love a house like that also, so far I just have a dressing table. I have always wished for a bath tub like that, I love the ones with little claws for feet!! x

  4. Love vintage stuff!Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog:)I am now following you:)



  5. Loooooved looking at all these different interiors, my faves are the ones with lots of white :)

  6. Thanks for all your comments girlies! I will have a house like this one day if I win the lottery :) until then will just have to keep dreaming! :'(

    X x