Wednesday, 17 November 2010



Two things that I love : pretty accessories and other girly blogs. If anyone reading this also follows schoee.blogspot and Laurensdressingroom.blogspot, that you will have already seen their posts on prettycherished jewellery, and crown and glory website. The crown and glory website handmakes gorgeous hair accessories that aren't too expensive to purchase, considering how much time and effort has gone in to them, and the pretty cherished website sells pretty girly jewellery that is not only gorgeous but a total  bargin :)
Here are some of my favourite pieces from both websites/blogspots.

These two are so cute and pretty :)

I think these would look so pretty in your hair for a wedding

These are my favourite bits from the crownandglory website. I like hair pieces but I don't tend to wear them. Maybe I should put some on my christmas list :)



             These are my favourite bits from prettycherished jewellery.        Prices for these are £2.50 - £6 which is pretty amazing


If anyone wants to have a look you can see zoellas original post here  which has a link to the crown and glory website

You can see Laurens original post here which has a link to the prettycherished website and the blogs of the girlies who created it :)

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  1. Thankyou for the mention honey bunny <3

    Love, Lauren

  2. Lovely post thanks for the lovely comment I agree I'm not so fussed with Hollyoaks anymore I decided I'd watch till this whole fire thing happened that was meant to be massive it only killed one person and another one isn't to good it was meant to kill loads of people. It's a shame so many people have left and loads of random new people are in it it's just not as good! xx

  3. Hey lovely,

    Thanks for following my blog. I completely agree with your comment about the letter boxes, I wish we had them too!

    I love the style of your blog, can't wait to see how it develops!

  4. What a great blog you have! Thanks for visiting mine and your lovely comment. Stop by tomorrow, I think you may be interested in my post ;)! Look forward to reading your next post! x

  5. Hey Girl

    Love your blog so have awarded you for The Versatile Blogger award over on my blog :)

    Love Jo

  6. Thanks for all your comments girlies! I love reading them :)

    Jo- oh wow thank you so much honey! I love your blog too to its so fab and girly :)

    Miss dolly - I know how much more interesting would it make getting post? The americans have all the best ideas lol :)

    Rebecca- I know, although I did watch it today for first time in ages and malachy died :'( I don't want to watch any more! lol

    Gawjusg things - oooo I'm intrigued for the nxt one now! lol will def check 2mrw

    Lauren-your welcome :) I think I might have to buy some of their jewellery its so nice

    X x x