Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cup of tea a cupcake & a wish

The weather outside is so cold and wet here, that all I want to do when I get in is curl up some where warm and scoff yummy cup cakes and drink a nice hot cup of tea (ok hot chocolate I'm not a big fan of tea)
I was doing this and and looking at some of my favourite girly blogs when I came across
Its a fairytales in photos blog. If you submit your wish to this blogger she will try and find an exact photo for for your wish. The photos she takes/sources are gorgeous :)
Here is the link to the wish blogspot (you can also access it via her other blog above)

Here are some of my favourite wishes/photos
(all images taken from

"I wish I find my happily ever after. With prince and all"

"I wish I find true love,live in a lovely place, andcan take really magic photos!"

"I wish I had red hair"
  I think this is such a lovely idea and such a lovely blog I just had to do a little post about it.
I think I would wish for a mixture of the first one and the second one :) what would any one else reading this wish for?
                                                                   love and kisses
                                                                          x x x x

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