Saturday, 13 November 2010

Interior lust...

I was just having a quick look on the internet for any girly vintage things for christmas when I came across this bedroom. How gorgeous is this wallpaper?

It reminded me of an artist I studied as part of an accessory design project I did in Uni, called Claire Coles. She stitches in to wallpaper and comes up with the most gorgeous unique girly designs ever, and I thought that it would look amazing to have just a sample wall of this in your bedroom.

How goregeous is this? I want it :)

love bird design Cute <3

I love the rose detail

I think this has to be my favourite one. I just love the detail and the texture and the colours

Cute wallpaper badges you can buy
Interior designs for selfridges

 Sadly as this wallpaper is bespoke, I don't think I will be adorning my walls with it any time soon :(
But in the mean time I can always dream

love and kisses

x x x x


  1. i couldn't agree with you more on all of this wallpaper. it is definitely vintage-y and girly...and most of all, gorgeous! i wish wallpaper could be part of my decor too. sadly, as a college student, i don't have a permanent home to put it in! so i know how you feel. lol :)

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  2. Wow.. the wallpapers are awesome! They're so pretty, vintage and girly((:

    I always want to wallpapering my wall....

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  3. Thanks for your comments girlies! :)
    I don't think I'd want to leave the house if my wall were this pretty lol

    X x