Monday, 15 November 2010

Bag Lady

I read loads of 'whats in my bag' post as I'm so nosy :) and I always considered doing one but I always vary whats in it depending on where I'm going and what bag I use! I always find the bigger the bag the more I 'need' to take with me. I decided to do a little post on some of my favourite bags.
I love these bags they're so cute. The one on the left is from new look and the one on the right is from topshop. I think they were £6 and £8, which is great, considering acssorize will charge you £12 for a similiar bag.

I love this bag its so pretty. Its accessorize. The butterfly has come off so I have to sew it back on when I remember, which seems to be never

I LOVE this bag. I know some people might be thinking well, its alright, but I love it. I first saw it when I was about 15 in Next in Cardiff when I went shopping with my friend. It cost £10 but I only had £15 on me and I was starving and needed to buy lunch, so silly me opted for the food. I could never find it again until about two years ago, when one of my work mates (I work for Next) said she had a butterfly bag she never used I could have.(they all know my obsession with butterflies)  And when she brought it in for me it was this one! See we were obviously meant for each other :)

I love this one. Its really big so you can fit loads in it. Only trouble is, the bigger the bag the more crap I put in it and as I carry this one in the crook of my arm as the handles are short it really makes your arm ache

Both accessorize (again lol)

Grey leather bag Topshop. This looks a bit random after all the other girly sequin-ey bags, but I use this one a lot

Bigger bags I use for overnight stays

I love these two. Only problem is with the rose one is the chain keeps breaking. Its easily fixed but irritating, especially when you've had a few drinks and keep missing the clasp and eye. Also I have long hair and it keeps getting caught on the chain. But it's pretty :)

I love these bags but they really are more eye candy to go with your out fit then anything else. You can't fit hardly anything in them, and the gold one has broken after one use, which really annoyed me!

 I could buy all of the purses from accessorize :) They are soooo pretty, and you can fit a surprising amount in them for a night out
Pretty bags again from....accessorize :)
If any one reading this wants to do a post on their bags or jewellery (or any accessory related thing) I would love to see it :) If you do, post a link in the comment box so I can have a nose :@)
love and kisses
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  1. Your such an English rose! Beatuiful bags lovely. x

  2. Ooh I love Accessorize bags! They look so Kitsch!


  3. Me too. Didn't realise how many of them were accessorise until I did this! I would never have any money left if I worked in accessorize lol X