Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You've Got Style

I have been getting the ASOS inside style magazine for a few months now and I always look forward to it coming through the letter box. They do a lot of features on High Street Fashion bloggers, and interviews with people from all aspects of the Fashion industry. These behind the scenes day to day articles on the fashion industry are right up my street.  I love reading anything to with the jobs / lives of people who run the scenes behind the catwalk shows, the high street stores and the glossy pages of the fashion magazines.

This months 'How was your day?' feature, looks at the life of a trend forecaster, who's job allows her to travel the world, obsess over street fashion, and predict the trends. I love reading these kind of articles, they're so interesting and they always make me want a job working where they do :)

An example of a mood board at work to help predict the upcoming trends. I love mood boards, I think it stems from my love of making a mess making collages when I was little. They help you sum up your ideas and thoughts and gather your inspiration for an upcoming project with pictures and a few key words

Who else here checks out other peoples outfits? Even when I'm in work I always find myself checking out other peoples style and outfit choices. 

Feature on Lilly Melrose of LLYMLRS a Fashion blogger from London. Even though other bloggers may have a different style to you, I still love reading their blogs, and seeing how they style certain pieces and what works for them. Reading Fashion blogs and watching YouTube fashion videos, in its way, also helps me in my job working in retail, because I find it easier to spot trends, and high street copies of designers work, as they come in to the high street stores, and gives you inspiration for styling pieces together.

The 'Working It' feature shows you the wardrobe of someone working in the Fashion Industry for the week. I think this is my favourite feature as I love looking at what other people are wearing and picking my favourite outfit 

Amen to that ;)

Lastly even though it's completely irrelevant, I decided to include this snap of our neighbours tree I took last month. The leaves on it turn the most beautiful of Autumn colours, blending from a hue of oranges up in to reds. I love Autumn, I'll be really sad when we kiss goodbye to it!

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  1. i love autumn too!
    what an interesting magazine... although i dont want to work in the fashion industry i love creativity and it sounds so fun!!
    great post :) xxxx

  2. Thank you :) Yes Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year <3 Xx

  3. I love ASOS's magazine too - and people watching for their outfits is something I love doing! Great post :) x

  4. I love reading about fashion jobs too, especially those who work behind the scenes! Even though I am not a fashion blogger, I do avidly follow lots of fashion blogs, I love seeing how people wear trends! xxx

  5. Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster award over on my blog :) x