Monday, 17 September 2012

Embracing Autumn 

I just died.... o heavens.

I know that it's a bit of a cliche to say that 'the best things in life are free' but I think that it is definitely true :)
In my last post, I mentioned that Autumn was my favourite time of year, and this year I wanted to do more
things to make the most of it. It is the little things that I love about this time of year so much; The colder days and the darker nights, Snuggling up on the sofa, walking through Autumn leaves, driving through town and seeing everybody's houses lit up with fairy lights; frost on the grass in the mornings. I thought I would make a post based on some things that I want to do this year to get more out of my favourite time of year :)

Autumn walks


Autumn in London

Last year I used to meet my friend randomly to go to town and instead of driving we would meet up and walk in. It was bitterly freezing, we were literally wrapped up in three sweaters apiece, coats, scarves double gloves and multiple scarves, but I loved it. We used to walk down the canal to get there and it looked so pretty all frozen over and covered in ice. I love walking past peoples houses and seeing Christmas tree's in the window and walking through piles of jewel coloured leaves. We used to walk in and go straight to Primark and Starbucks, for more cheap gloves and Hot chocolates, but I loved and I think that was one of my favourite memories from Autumn last year.



Ghost milk cartons - how fun!

We haven't had an all out Halloween party in years, and with various commitments I don't think we will this year either, but I am still excited to decorate the house for Halloween. They have tons of amazingly effective yet simple idea on pinterest like these milk carton ghosts. Definitely going to be grabbing the scary DVDs, a blanket, a ton of candles and sweets and working on the fab Halloween decorations this year :)

Christmas Decorations

so pretty and simple


Words can't really describe how much I love Christmas and how ridiculously excited I get for it :) I want to visit *coughs* more garden centers this year because the ones by me put amazing Christmas displays up and it makes you feel like you are walking through a winter wonderland. The best one that we went to, when we were little had a massive real life Christmas tree as you walked through the door and it had a real little train running through the branches on tracks on tracks #bestchristmastreeever 
I also want to make some Christmas decorations like these pine cones and Christmas displays above.

Lighting Candles

Fall Decor With Nuts, simple but so nice!

Simple sweet displayCenterpiece

I love coming home after work or Christmas shopping and it's really cold and you're tired, and snuggling up on the sofa and lighting candles and watching Christmassy DVDs like Home Alone and Miracle on 34th street.

Making yummy things

toffee applessimple gingerbread house.

It was one of my New Years resolutions for this year to learn to cook properly. I have made a few things
from pinterest recipes but this Autumn/Christmas I want to make some of theses yummy toffee apples and a gingerbread house to scoff :)

Collecting Holly and Mistletoe


I always remember from when I was younger, my dad and my brother going for  long walk in the snow by the mountain by us, whilst me and my mum made something in the house, and they collected lots of Holly and branches that they used to decorate our living room. It looks so pretty definitely want to do it again this year 

Have you anything that you love to do over Autumn?

Love and kisses

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  1. I love autumn too, it's definitely my favourite season, even though Christmas is my favourite time of the year (THAT's a cliché!).
    In Autumn I like to curl up on my sofa, watch a good movie with friends and a nice cup of tea. I know they're all simple things, but I like the feeling of doing something you haven't been doing for such a long time!

  2. Oh I couldn't agree more! I definitely want to be more creative with Christmas and Halloween this year, especially as I am at university now so we have a whole house we can decorate as it's our second year! Thanks for the kind words too, Patch got that reaction from everyone, he was very fluffy. xxx