Sunday, 26 February 2012

Creative CV'S

With the recession that's happening at the moment and hundreds of people out of work it makes looking for a job really difficult and frustrating. Lots of small business are struggling to survive and with an average of about 54 applicants for every job it makes your chances of being successful quite slim. 
The company that I worked for recently went in to administration :'( which means that I am in the unfortunate position of looking for a job in a recession. I thought that I would try a different approach to some of the CV's that I was sending out.  

I remember reading a magazine article when I was younger on making your CVs stand out, and I always remember the featured one in the article was one in the shape of a Kellogs cornflakes package. It always stuck with me as I thought it was really cool. The CV's that I made I sent to Boux Avenue and Accessorize (I have always wanted to work for Accessorize) I didn't include full pictures as all my details would be on the Internet then and I didn't think that was a great idea :p

This is the CV I made for Boux Avenue. They have a sailor inspired range of nightwear in there at the moment and I brought blue sailor vest top. The tag in the right hand corner was what they had attached to the nightwear and so I thought I would send them a CV in the style of the tags they have.

All I used to make it was plain calico which is really easy to work on. I roughly sketched an outline in pencil and then went over it in permanent marker. The compass at the top I sewed on. I printed my CV off and ripped it in to different sections which I glued on. (It still needs to be readable and look presentable even if you do get creative with it)

The second CV for Accessorize I designed them to look like clutch bags. They are still A4 sized I just glued the CV on to some sturdy card and decorated the front with fabric to look like a clutch.

These are some creative examples I found on the internet, if you type it in to Google it comes up with lots of different images and ideas.
So they will either think its crazy or (hopefully) really cool :)
I doubt they have any jobs going at the moment but at least it will hopefully
 make my CV stand out a little bit from the others :)

love and kisses

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  1. Wow! I really love this post, because I’m too struggling to find another job, my last temp job ended after Christmas and I’m back on the search for something new. This really has inspired me to try a different approach, I’ve never thought about trying it before, so thank you for inspiring me! Good luck with the jobs, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you xxx

  2. What an interesting idea - I never thought making a creative CV. I love the one you made for Boux Avenue. You'll have to let us know how they work out for you :) xx

  3. Wow these are really beautiful CVs! I would give you a job in a heartbeat with one of those. My friend got a job at Paperchase by doing something different with hers so maybe you can try there? Good luck x