Saturday, 9 July 2011

All that Blossoms

Its not spring any more and it certainly doesn't feel much like summer in the UK right now with the lousy weather we've been having but I still felt like having a spring clean, and sorting some things out! Tidying and de cluttering my room always seems to help me sort out whats going on in my head so I decided to take things a step further a couple of weeks ago and re decorate my room a little bit. I didn't go mad, as I didn't want to spend loads, but I love the changes that I made :)
That's partly why I haven't found the time to blog as much as over the past few weeks, but hopefully I will get in to the swing of things again, I miss blogging. I thought I would share some pictures of my new room on here :)

The main thing I wanted to do was sort out all my jewellery making supplies and the jewellery that I had already made as it was just sitting in a big (albeit pretty and sparkly) pile in my room. I wanted to display some of the necklaces I had made as I am jewellery obsessed and its also good motivation when you don't feel like doing anything to be able to see something you've already made.

My cousin has a massive gold ornate frame in her room at her mums house and she hung her jewellery off it and I thought it looked gorgeous and decided  to look for one to hang the jewellery I made off.  I think they look really pretty :)

If anyone was interested in them for jewellery storage for their rooms, they are really easy and fairly cheap to make. The largest frame cost me £5/6  from The Range and the chicken wire was £4.99 from Wilkinson's, although you can get them from other stores if you wish. This was just the cheapest I found :)

I'd seen some flowers used as decoration on the walls in one of Bubz beauty videos on YouTube (can't remember which one sorry) and I thought they looked amazing! They are so cheap to pick up but they are really pretty and effective. The ones I used were £2.50 each in Wilkinson's.

I actually quite like my bedding and didn't want to change it (plus it would cost like £70 for a new quilt cover. ouch) so I've been stocking up on scatter cushions, which look really pretty and change the appearance of your bed anyway. I started looking in Tk Maxx and they have gorgeous cushions sometimes but they are expensive at £12-£15 each. If you want cheaper shabby chic alternatives, the range have some pretty floral one for £5 and shops like Store 21 and cheaper home furnishing kind of shops are good places to look.

Second frame with wire above my jewellery hoard on my chest of drawers

Just thought I would include some pictures of what else I've been up to. I'm really enjoying making jewellery at the moment its so great to finally found something that I really like that makes sense to me :)

Glitter and flower rings

Coloured jewelled bangles

Flower ribbon bracelet. I'm not sure if I like this one yet I was experimenting. I made the flower and then decided to see what it would like as a bracelet on a ribbon. Still undecided.

Possible necklace using pink felt and glitter
I'm hoping to be able to set my own shop up for it soon, now I've got things more sorted. I'm already registered on Big cartel and Etsy, and have thought of a name, set up a pay pal and e-mail account for it and designed a business card so fingers crossed it will all come together soon!

love and kisses

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  1. I just adore adore adore the jewelry you make. Looking at them makes me want to wear a frilly white dress and decorate myself in all of your pieces. haha :)

    My favorite would have to be the flower ribbon bracelet. It almost reminds me of a corsage.

  2. i love the flowers on the wall! as soon as i saw it i thought of bubz as well haha

    once again, amazing jewellery :)

  3. These are seriously so pretty! I love how creative you are. I love the way you arranged the necklaces so nicely on the board.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the flowers on your wall, and i spy a very cute birdcage! divine! x

  5. so cute, everything looks so pretty!


  6. Love the flowers on your wall !
    and your jewellery looks so cute !